Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ha Lay Lew Yah

Those are the singing angels, singing all their praises that my new Dell laptop arrived today.  I haven't had the luxury of using my old laptop without the cord for about a year, but at least I could move it around and plug it in elsewhere if I wanted to.

But now?  I can use this new one with, or without the cord.  I don't have to burn my legs off when I use it.  And it's much lighter weight because it's smaller.  And it has a port so I can put the card from my camera in there so picture uploading is much easier.

Ahhhhhh, so nice.

Ok, so now what do I want to write about, now that I have all this freedom again?


How about....

Easy to make smoothies.  I had to do this a few times to believe it with my own eyes, but it really works.

Take a mason jar with a regular mouth, fill it with what you want and put your blender bottom on it like you were attaching it to your real blender jar thing.

Stick in on the blender base, just like you would if you had your real blender jar on there.

And voila!  That's all you have to do!  

This way, everyone gets whatever they want in a smoothie and you just have to rinse the blade in between.  And somehow, washing a mason jar is far more appealing than washing the blender.


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