Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TIme For Some Remodeling

I am a bit of a grammar nazi and fact nerd.  Surprise, surprise.

Most of all, I just can't stand ignorance in advertising.  If you don't spell something the way it's meant to be spelled, I am highly unlikely to ever do business with you and I will spend the rest of eternity thinking you are a complete moron.  I can't help it.  Ignorance really determines where people rate on my ladder of likability and if you are grammatically ignorant, you get the bottom rung.

Yes, I make plenty of mistakes here on my own blog, so I am not saying I am without fault.  But I usually do recognize my faults and sometimes get unlazy enough to go back and fix them.  It's the ignorance that when you tell someone they are wrong and they just shrug and do nothing about it that burns my butt.

Sometimes, I think I see a word spelled wrong but then, I look carefully and it's just my eyes.  I assumed this was the problem last night.  It was rainy and I had just worked out so I figured I needed to rub my eyes a little and clear them of all the sweat induced gunk.

I looked and looked and I rubbed my eyes and thought "there are way too many humps on that M" so I had to go across the parking lot for a better look.

Yep.  Just as I thought. 

These guys are the professional improvermenters.   I guess I've always hired the unprofessional improvermenters and that's why I'm never satisfied.  Where have they been all my life???  I knew I'd find them eventually so they could fix my decks, my siding and  take care of all of my home improverment needs!

This was written not just in one place, but on both sides and across the back.  It sure did get my attention and I'll be sure NOT to call them for my home remodeling!

I dare you to call them and tell them they made a mistake.  I know, it's my civic duty as an educator to reach out and help these ignoramouses who can't spell and my single phone call could perhaps be a life changing moment as they change their word and suddenly get enough business to retire on in 40 years. 

I'd do it but I think I hear my mother calling.

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  1. Haha- I absolutely adore your blog because you find and write about things that are so funny! YOu are so true and I love that about you! You need to teach them a lesson on grammar. Call them,lol- the number is on the back.


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