Monday, July 23, 2012

My Life Is One Big Hallucination

Yesterday, I posted here about Lenny and mentioned Lennie (this is the appropriate spelling, FYI) from the movie Of Mice and Men.  It's weird, because I did read the book and I usually remember unusual name spellings, but I had no recollection of Lennie being spelled like this.

Anyweirdo, I mentioned in my post that I couldn't remember who played Lennie in the movie but that he reminded me of someone in real life.  Turns out, it was John Malkovich. 

I'm shocked, because I was certain it was played by Jim Nabors.  Not sure who he is?  Click here.

I'm not sure how on earth I could ever mix up John Malkovich and Jim Nabors. 

Somewhere, someone is laughing so hard, pee is just pouring down their legs right now because those two men have nothing in common, nothing that would allow someone to mix them up.

Jim Nabors is goofy, silly, super southern dumb.  John Malkovich is creepy, scary and did I mention just plain creepy?  Guess which one I like?

Right.  I do not like John Malkovich in any character.  Ok, I did think he played a good Lennie and now that I know who he is, I am surprised that he did it in a fairly non creepy, non Hannibal Lechter way.  Because I associated Malkovich with Lechter.  He is just lecherous.  Or should I say "lechter-ous"?

My sister a-ster is probably dying right now because she seems to like John Malkovich. I think they switched her at birth.

But any other movie I have seen with John Malkovich is just not a movie I have enjoyed.  He's like Christopher Walken and Quentin Tarantino.  I missed the boat full of love for those boys and I just don't want to watch any movies that involve them. 

Although, I will watch this until someone comes in and takes the computer away from me. I really can't be explained, don't even try.

Did you watch it?  I think I am most fascinated because he always seems so slothful but he's so light on his feet here.  I am always blown away when someone can dance well, especially when it's so unexpected.

Like, if my father suddenly broke out into a 5 minute routine like this.  He's so NOT dance oriented that he could really make an impression if he had secret dancing skills.  He does like escalators so I bet he could pull off the escalator scene.  I said escalator, not elevator.  He could not pull off the elevator scene.  Who could?

Where was I?

Oh, hallucinations from childhood.  So, I was sure that Gomer Pyle was Lennie but it turns out it was not.  There are many of these situations from my life that are so insanely mixed up, it's like I do hard core drugs all day long and dream these things up.

I don't.  I blame it on 3 things:

a)  an overactive imagination
b)  some serious ADD that I've learned to overcompensate for and "channel" into being "so busy"
c)  the sheer number of people I have met in my life.

I think those 3 things are actually what defines the brains of all teachers.  Elementary teachers, not quite so much because they teach one class of 16-35 students all day, every day, for an entire year.  Multiply that times 30+ years and and they have met just over 1000 students in their careers.

Middle and high school teachers teach 4-7 classes per day, with 10-60 kids per class, per day.  Mulitply that times a 30 year career.  Add to that their parents, not all of whom we ever meet, but many of whom we do (subtract the fact that if you stay in the same system, you will teach siblings and most of them have the same parents (ok, carry the one because some siblings do not have the same parents) and if you stay there long enough, the parents are actually former students))  that is one buttload of people to have to know in one lifetime.

And now my hands are sweaty from all that math.

And I think it adds to the insanity that lives inside a teacher's  brain.  We call it "creativity" but I'm pretty sure it's insanity.

And I still don't like John Malkovich. 

And as I wrote this post, I was sure tht Christopher Walken played Ignatowski on Taxi but it turns out that was Christopher Lloyd.  Not a fan of his either.

I give up.  So I'll link up here.

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