Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Farmer Jo Is Growing

Last year, it seemed like I gave minute by minute updates about my gardens and what was growing.  This year, I haven't said much since I planted everything.  Part of that was due to my computer croaking and upload pictures on the desktop was just too hard and made me want to whine.

Things have been humming along quite nicely.  I grew, picked, roasted and LOVED my beets but learned that some were a little too close to each other and didn't grow as big as I wanted.

This is some roasted beets, their fresh greens, some feta and balsamic vinegar.  I just about died and went to heaven over this dish!

I've started more beets and this time, I'm putting them in containers, well separated.

Since last  year I had another attack by the squash borers in garden #1, I decided to put all squash and cucumbers in garden #2.  I have a theory that I can trick them.  I know, it doesn't work that way, but I like to think it will work and so far, it has.

The cucumbers are screaming 'let me out, let me out'!  I tried 3 kinds and the most successful seem to be the straight 8 and the sweet burpless.  I thought the armenian cucumbers would be neat, but they are just standing around, not doing much.  I'm highly unimpressed with them, but very impressed with the rest of them.

I gave these pumpkins an extra inch and they took 5 miles.  If I stand there too long, I feel their little tentacles starting to wrap right around me.  They were a mix of heirloom pumpkins that could be anything.  They seem to be very happy.

I have no idea what kind this is but it's neat and it seems to be fully grown already. 

I think this one is a "normal" pumpkin.

This one really makes me happy.  I started some swiss chard in the spring but they were all destroyed by slugs.  This one managed to make it back!

Wrapped up in all the pumpkin hoopla, are some winter squash plants. 

Look how HUGE these  blossoms are!  I think this is a pumpkin blossom, but it might be winter squash.

Somehow, I have some volunteer watermelons plants.  I didn't grow them there last year, so I have no idea how this happened.  They are pretty lost with all of the other squash plants, but we'll see what happens.

This kale that seems pretty happy.  I don't love kale, but my sister's boyfriend makes kale soup, so I just gave a bunch to her.  This is a pretty purplish plant.  The green caterpillars LOVE these plants, so they are a little holey.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the tomato extravaganza in garden #2!


  1. Mmm...that beet dish looks divine.

  2. Your garden is growing nicely you should be pleased!!! My tomatoes are finally turning red and I've already harvested some Zucchini and boy were they good!!

  3. I am so jealous!! I try to garden and failed miserably.

  4. Didn't finish by comment- wanted to state that everything looks amazing!


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