Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Time To Bring Back the Pops

One of my first posts was about Jello Pudding Pops.  I can't remember why I felt so compelled to write about them, but they've been a pretty popular search item that has landed people on my blog in the past 2 years. 

So popular, in fact, the page has been viewed 249 times and 172 of those views have been in the past month. 

This tells me that it's time.  Call up Bill Cosby.  Make him do a commercial for them.  And bring them back.

This is a better picture than the one on my original post.  Do you remember how good those things were?  They tasted nothing like pudding, but they weren't fudgsicles or ice cream either.  I can still taste them.

My mother would buy them in the summer and I remember there was a game one summer where you were supposed to collect the sticks and win prizes.  It was baseball related, remember?

My favorite part was when I would take it out of the wrapper and sometimes, there would be like a little icicle on the bottom edges. 

I think of all the foods I've ever eaten, this one might be the most vivid memory in my mind and I can't even explain why!

But it appears that I am not alone, if over 200 people are looking for the same thing!  And it must be a summer thing because most of these hits have been in the hot summer months.

So Jello, if you're listening, bring them back.  Summer is clearly the ideal time to do it.  Dont' bother making stupid colors like pink or neon or whatever.  Kids will eat them if they are simply vanilla or chocolate.  I promise.  And if the kids won't eat them?  The 30 something crowd CERTAINLY will.

I'd be happy to do some taste testing.  Or promoting here on my blog.  I have a whole 53 people who follow my blog.  I am sure that I would have a huge influence in the market.



  1. lol I agree -- bring back the pudding pops. (And, toss the yogurt pops out!)

  2. I looooved the pudding pop! And miss them so much I just make my own now! :)


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