Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Have To Confess Something

I know you come here for all sorts of healthy recipes and suggestions for how to cook from scratch and amaze all of your friends and family with delicious treats.  You can find all sorts of healthy food suggestions all over my blog. 

I know people flock here from all over creation to be inspired by that which is healthy eating.

Be prepared to take me off the pedestal you have put me upon for all that high quality, good eating.

Because sometimes, I make things like this.

Which is made with this:

You take chicken breasts and put them in a pan (I cut mine up so they would cook for sure), pour a packet of soup mix over it, drizzle olive oil over the whole thing, add about a 3rd of a cup of water.  Don't bother stirring.  Cook it for an hour at 375.

Serve it with this:

Ok, at least I don't put butter in the rice.  And it's organic.  So it balances out, right?  All the chemicals in the packet of soup mix go away with the organic, American grown rice, right?

Oh wait, even organic rice has arsenic, they've decided. 

So maybe the soup mix chemicals bind with the arsenic and that's what makes it all taste so good.

And don't forget to serve it with vegetables.  That will surely balance everything out.  I'm certain.


  1. If I liked onions better and didn't have issues with salt (of which there is a lot in the soup packet) I'd give this a try. It looks good.

  2. This is right up my ally! I use the soup mix on potatoes but on chicken....sounds delish.


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