Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now And Later

When my niece l-ster was about a month old, I went to see her for the first time.  And so began my trips to visit them every few months.

Back then, I showed you this picture.  We had been out doing some errands and went to Baja Express.  A-ster thought it would be funny to put some salsa in front of her like she was eating it. 

She was too tired to even roll her eyes at her silly mother.

Now, a year and a half later, we were doing errands again when I was visiting and we again thought Baja Express would be a good idea.  L-ster has become very vocal, though not saying actual words, and the whole time a-ster was ordering and getting her food, she kept yelling things to a-ster.

"Don't forget the cheese!"

"Don't forget the guacamole!"

"I like it spicy!"

"Napkins, we need lots of napkins"- oh wait, that's what a-ster said to me when it was my time to order and then I sat down with no napkins.

I can't understand her words yet, so it was just a lot of "A DO!" with lots of finger pointing and very worried expressions.  Especially because everyone around us was already eating and she was hungry too!  But I 'm sure those were the things she was yelling to her.

Eating like this might be her last meal.  EVER.  She was pretty excited and tried to touch the salsa while I was taking the picture. 

Not quite the quiet, little thing she was the first time we went there!


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