Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful For This Year

That's right.  I'm thankful that we moved the mailbox so we don't have to put up with this anymore.  After the scathing note about the mailbox being in an unsafe location, we decided to make sure our vehicles were never in the driveway blocking the mailbox.  This made for a lot of frenzied moving of vehicles early in the morning if we forgot. 

Sometimes, we get mail at 8am and sometimes at 5pm so it's really a crapshoot just how long you can leave your car in the driveway and still get mail.

So today, I'm thankful that we can park our cars in the driveway.  And if friends park there too, we don't have to do the OH MY GOD THE MAILMAN IS COMING MOVE YOUR CAR NOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW dance that we had come to do.  Or at least I had come to do.  K-ster was always slightly skeptical that they would really refuse to deliver.  But refuse, they did.

And today, I'm also thankful that we might be able to fill in this hole caused by the mailmen peeling out every time they deliver.  It's on a little slope anyway and this just makes it all worse.  I myself have twisted my ankle in that hole.  My friend's son bit the dust when he was just learning to walk because he didn't see that hole.  And it was never any use filling it in because they would just peel out the next day.

And peace on earth might actually come to all. 

Oh wait, wrong holiday.

And I'd be really thankful if you took advantage of this super deal on Black Friday!


  1. Great post! We have one of those mailbox location problems. Apparently we need a dance! :)

  2. Love the post! We apparently have the same mailbox problems!


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