Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm Not Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. Demille

I love leggings and any excuse to wear them, but I can't really find a lot of good tops that go with leggings.  Because I'm short, I have to be careful how long the top is or I look like an elf.  And because I have a butt, I can't go too short or it just looks dirty. 

I like things to come to about this length.

Part of the trend right now is to wear sweater dress/tunic  type things that are shorter than a real dress, but long enough to cover the butt.  Again, I have to be careful.  If they are too clingy, I spend the day thinking about my every curve showing and if they are too thick, I feel like I'm wearing grandma's sweater and I feel gross.

The other problem with these tunic sweaters is the patterns.  I must have been in the bathroom the day all the ladies took the vote to bring back the big geometric shapes, horizontal lines and colors that remind me of the days of the Cosby Show and A Different World:  teal, mustard, magenta , triangles, squares, lasers, it's just all wrong.

I was in Macy's for a very long time, trying to return something, and I happened to find the perfect sweater tunic/dress and a shirt to wear underneath that goes well with it.  The two items combined were the price of the one dress I was returning, so I was tickled.  $6.95 for a shirt???  Awesome.

Then I got them home and realized that I have both a legging and a boot dilemma.  I have 2 heights of  black boots and one pair of brown that don't go with the oatmealiness of the top.  They are more for jeans and almost look cowboyish but they are not pointed. 

My leggings choices are black or gray.

K-ster insisted black boots would be fine.

He also insists I need to go barelegged. 

Is it 1962?  I'd be fired in 3.5 seconds if I showed up to school like this.

So now, my dilemma is multi fold:

1.  Do I wear a black shirt so I can wear black leggings and black  boots?
2.  Do I keep the taupe top (ha ha, some people say top when they mean to say taupe, so some of you are reading that as a top top) and try to find taupe leggings?
3.  Do I wear black boots even with the taupe leggings?
4.  Do I try to find a rich, dark brown  boot that will look smashing with this outfit?
5.  Do I dare go bare?

This is the face I make when you suggest #5:

Do these boots make me look like I hadn't brushed my teeth yet?

Yep, the black boots just have to go.

I wonder how many arms and legs I'll have to fork over for the perfect pair of dark brown boots.

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  1. You look darling, but I agree with needing brown boots and leggings. Although the sweater is super CUTE It's a bit short not to have anything under it. The shirt works perfectly!

  2. Shoe carnival has a lot of nice priced boots right now. They sure didn't have them last year when I was boot shopping. Better go brown tall boot.

  3. I have black and brown boots but I just love my brown ones. I love seeing what you look like- you are too cute!!!!The sweater is adorable but I probably wear something underneath-lol!!

  4. For the first time ever, I was looking into the leggings/sweater look this weekend. The one I tried on wasn't right, but I'm tall. This look really should work for me, darnit.
    I agree, do not go bare. I do love the sweater, though. Hopefully you can find a pair of boots that you like better.


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