Sunday, December 30, 2012

Put The Kids Away, It's Gonna Get Hot In Here

I have been searching for a new pair of waterproof boots since way back in this post and though I had tried LLBean's Wellies and sent them right back, I thought maybe I'd try them again and like them this time.  I do this with a lot of things.  I despise them and then later try them again and I kind of like them. 

I wasn't happy with the choices available for waterproof boots anywhere else and I wanted them higher than my ankle, so back to LLBean I went.

By the way, LLBean is not compensating me for this post but I sure would be happy to do a future review for them....

Anyway.  When I went back to the site, I saw that they had shorter Wellies called mid.  As in middle of the calf for really tall people but maybe just right for me! 

The problem with the regular Wellies was the length.  They went almost to my knee which meant that with every step, they flopped all around and bothered me all the way up my leg/shin/calf.  They are loose in the ankle because there is no zipper to tightne them, so they kind of bang around as you walk.  These mid length looked better because they would only bother me halfway up my leg/shin/calf.  

And they were on sale.

And they were really cute.

I bought them and hated them for 2.5 seconds.  Then I wore them around the yard for a morning and happily splashed in mud and puddles and stayed dry!  WHOOO HOOO!

I got myself a pair of the socks to wear inside them called Wellie Warmers. 

And now I am about as sexy as I'm ever gonna get.

I'm not sure which is the hottest part:

a)  an adult wearing polka dotted galoshes
b)  an adult wearing galoshes
c)  the knitted wellie warmers that fold over the top of them
d)  my jeans stuffed into them

It's the jeans, I think.  Definitely the jeans. 

I never worry that I'll be alone if k-ster leaves me.  I figure I'll just post pictures like these on and they'll flock to me.

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  1. I can't believe there's not a single word about what on earth was going on in that bathroom during this picture!

  2. See if you can find some in a manly color. Then he will understand the beauty of the perfectly warm and waterproof boot. He still may not love you for your sexy polka-dotted boot look, but he will love you for your logical, smart brain!

  3. I'm sorry, but I think those boots are adorable. And the socks are perfect. Ellen

  4. Love those!!! Everyone here has a pair because it only rains a few times a year and it's like a gigantic celebration. So, everyone whips out the wellies and stomps through the puddles. Although, tucking your jeans in adds a whole new level of Hawt...
    Tracy @ Momaical


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