Sunday, December 9, 2012

THIS Is What's Wrong With Kids Today

What are Pringles?

Right, they are "potato chips".  But they are really potato flakes and a lot of crap that are shaped into the magical Pringles shape.  A shape that isn't natural, is it?

Have you ever cut up a potato and had it naturally look like these?

Of course not. 

Have you ever thought of which container would be suitable to store leftovers and thought "Hey wait a  minute, this would be PERFECT!"

No?  I'm really creative with what I put snacks in for lunches, but even I would not store food in a ball container.

Don't get me wrong, I've eaten a Pringle or two in my  life and I will admit they taste pretty darned good.  And they do magically fit right over your tongue so you can just pop the whole chip into your mouth.

And how clever that they come in a can instead of a potato chip bag?  Much neater, easier to store and certainly quieter than a regular potato chip bag.

And there is probably some psychological thing that happens when you eat them and you think of tennis balls and tennis and sports and you probably think you are eating tennis balls which you equate with playing tennis and then you probably have the atheltic induced endorphins kicking in with the happy taste endorphins kicking in. 

It's no wonder people love Pringles.  The brain has absolutely no idea what's happening when we eat them.

But today, I saw something that told me the American palate is all done.  Finished.  Kaput.  People have lost all sense of taste.

Because today, I saw an ad for these.  If you haven't eaten breakfast yet, you might want to just skip over the next part.  You will need a strong stomach for this.

Let's review.  What are Pringles? That's right, they are "potato chips".  Which means they are have a potato-like flavor.  Which is well complimented  by things like sour cream and chives, barbeque sauce, jalapeno, etc.  You know, savory flavors.  Things you might actually put on a real potato.

Would you put pumpkin pie spice on your potato?  Cinnamon and sugar?  And God help, me PEPPERMINTS AND CHOCOLATE?


We have clearly blurred the line between sweet and savory. 

If you ask me to come for dinner and you serve me a baked potato, will you put the Hershey's Syrup right there, next to the sour cream?
Will we just skip over dessert and put the pumpkin pie spices right on our potatoes?

And I can't even talk about the peppermint without feeling a little sick.

Tennis, anyone?

**Obviously, Pringles did not ask me to do a review for them for this product.  And hopefully, they never will.**

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  1. Eeeewwww! I've seen other products with weird flavors too and wonder who in the world thought that up?!! Crazy!!

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)



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