Monday, December 31, 2012

Some Favorite Posts From 2012

It's so much fun to look back and read what I wrote during the  year.  And I never tire of looking at my stats to see what you like, what you love and what you completely ignore. 

Your #1 choice for all of my posts written in 2012 is this one.  It's about vacuums.  I really think the one linked to it, a vacuum at the Louvre museum in Paris is more entertaining.   Actually, more people commented on it, but more people visited the first one.

The high school trip to Paris in February afforded me a lot of blogfodder and this post with the naughty sign was right up there in the top 10.

You can put the teacher on summer break but you can't take the teaching out of her.  You graciously visited my educational posts such as this one about wrought iron.

You enjoyed the entertaining tales of the middle school classroom with gems like this one.

And this blog wouldn't be this blog if I didn't teach you all sorts of new skills (or lack of) and crafts  like this one and this one.

You helped me learn to be a better dresser here and here (RIP favorite capri pants ever- I got about 4 more months out of them and then they met their demise).

My own  favorite post was this one about my Starbucks issues.  It has the most comments of any post I've written, but not as many visitors.  Hmm, more visitors just cruising by or more people dedicatedly reading and commenting?  It's a hard choice.

Still, the most popular post OF ALL TIME, is truly the one I am least proud of.  It's the shortest and the dullest and was obviously from back before I started reading blogs and found out how much fun it can be to actually  use your own voice when you write!  And if Jello is wondering if the public wants those pudding pops back, I have some pretty serious proof that a lot of us do!!

Thank you to all of my faithful readers as well as the passersby.  I am especially thankful to the poor souls  you dedicated readers who thought my writing was funny and then realized that happens about once a year and stuck around anyway.  Your constant visiting and occasional commenting really make my day.

In 2012, I actually earned a buck or two because of all my dedicated readers. 

And because of those anonymous nutjobs who said things like:

 Your way of describing the whole thing in this paragraph is actually good, all be capable of effortlessly know it, Thanks a lot.

Wonderful, what a web site it is! This blog presents helpful information to us, keep it up.

You could certainly sеe уour skills wіthin the article you ωгitе

The world hopes fοг more passionate writers likе you who аren't afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

It's so sad that you're all anonymous.  Really, I'd love to buy your land in Turkey and get your sensual massages and win your African lottery  see your amazing jewelry.  If only I knew who you were or how to find you.  I will follow my heart and be capable of effortlessly know it.  And no one would disagree that I am not afraid to say how I believe.  Thanks for dropping by, sharing your fantastic grasp of the English language and upping my stats anyway!

I'm excited to begin another year of writing and I have a doozy lined up for this week, so make sure you come back!

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