Monday, December 17, 2012

When I Look At You, All I See Is Teeth

A long, long time ago, I developed a fascination for teeth.  I realized that teeth are really important to me, at a pretty young age.  My own teeth and everyone else's.  I love teeth.

As long as they are clean, straight and white.  But not super bleached white, just naturally white.

I should have gone into the dental field but someone illustrated for me a future filled with sticking my hands in other people's mouths and that was the end of that.  Because, thank God I learned this at such a crucial age, not everyone takes care of their mouths.

I know, the outrage!

Plus, as I know myself so much better at this age than when I was 9 and thought it would be a great career, if I knew more about teeth than I actually know, I'd be so obsessed that I could never listen to what anyone had to say because I'd have so much to tell them about their oral health.  Definitely a good thing I chose a different career path.

When I had braces, I was so worried that I might end up with little white circles from where the brackets covered my teeth, I brushed them after every time that I ate.  Religiously.   Remember the brochures they gave in the orthodontist's office that showed the little white circles on someone's teeth who hadn't been brushing when they wore braces?  This was literally something I thought about every single time I brushed my teeth. 

I was that worried.  I have no idea why, because I had never had a cavity or any indication that I wasn't a good teeth brusher. 

In reality, have you ever seen that happen to someone? 

Remember how back then only fancy people used electric toothbrushes?  You'd see them on tv once in a while.  I never watched Dallas (I can hear the theme song but I was always in bed before it was on) but I imagine that those wealthy, fancy pants Ewings probably had electric toothbrushes.

Well, fast forward to the 21st century and electric toothbrushes are all the rage, thanks to Oral B.  They have many versions of their electric toothbrushes that even us non-Ewings can afford.  I like that the replacement toothbrush heads come in multi packs to help save a little cash.  I love how small the brush heads are.

I can't remember if I've ever posted this, but I use a child's size toothbrush.   It's hard to believe that with all I have to say, I actually have a small mouth, but small it is.  I find that toothbrushes that are made for kids are much better in my mouth, thanks to the recommendation of my hygenist.  Plus, it's a little less plastic, for my environmentally conscious side.

The Oral B brush heads on the electric toothbrush are even smaller, which means they get into every crevice.  I would have LOVED to have had one of these when I had braces.  I could have gotten around every bracket, all around the wires, it would have been bliss. 

I also love that the brush heads have colored bands on them, so more than one person can use the same base and just put their own brush head on it.  No worries of germs being shared!

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  1. Yeah so funny story: An employee of my husbands business went to the dentist because he broke a tooth. When he was chewing he crunched on something hard. He went to the dentist to get it fixed and the dentist said he didn't break a tooth it was tarter he was crunching on.

    It took a few visits to clean his teeth.....gross huh!

    I'm so annal, if I'm not toothpicking my teeth, I'm dental flossing- in between brushing that is!


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