Friday, December 7, 2012

Putting the Sweaterdress Dilemma To Bed

When I bought this sweater dress on a whim last month, I realized I had no boots or leggings that would go with it.  This led to a boot searh which ended very quickly and a leggings search which remains ongoing. 

I thought the leggings dilemma was finished when I found these cream colored leggings and wore them for Thanksgiving.

I wasn't overly thrilled that they were really loose and gave me elephant knees,  but I thought they'd do just fine.

And they did for Thanksgiving.  When I mostly sat.

When I wore them to school on a day that I made a million trips to the computer lab and had lunch duty too, I did nothing but fight with those leggings by the end of the day.  The crotch was almost to my knees all afternoon.  The very reason I won't wear tights is because of the low hanging afternoon crotch.

Lesson learned.  I won't wear them to school again.

So, I was back to square one with a sweater dress and no proper leggings.

And the internet helped confirm that going bare legged really isn't an option.

And then I found these. 

Upon first taking them from the package, I was afraid they might be too loose, particularly after the cream leggings episode.  They are pretty floppy and almost more like yoga pants.  They shrunk a little in the wash and I when I locked them in with my boots, they proved to be far better than the cream pair.  I wore them with glee all day and then some.

I'm still not thrilled with the color of the boots even though I thought I loved them when I bought them.  They are also slightly big, which I hadn't realized and not super comfortable like Born shoes usually are.  I think a gel insert might solve that, though.  And I'm excited that after a couple of months of wearing this thing, I can wear boots again and be happy.

And I think I'm wearing too many shades of brown.  This sweater does nothing for me but I continue to think it's a great outfit.  It's comfortable and not itchy, a major plus.  But it draws way too much attention to the boobolas.  It looks like I had implants done overnight , a look I never go for.

So, I'll probably wear this outfit to death this winter and then I'll never want to see the sweater again.

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