Friday, January 25, 2013

Back In the Saddle Again

Well, call me shocked.  Dell fixed and returned my computer in just over a week, instead of the 2-3 weeks they claimed it would take.  And even better, after the fools at Best Buy told me that the new hard drive would be empty and I'd need to call Dell for backup discs, I picked it up today and it was not empty and I didn't have to wait for the Geek Squad to reinstall my operating system.

Thank you, last week's Geek Squad imbecile that made me call Dell and spend almost an hour on the phone trying to get the backup disc.  The guy on the phone kept assuring me that this was a "small problem" and I "should not worry".  I was missing my computer.  This is not a "small problem".

Meanwhile, whatever sweat shop he was working in seemed to be having a "small problem" because I kept hearing YELLING in the background.  And it was taking him forever to process my request.

What he also failed to tell me was that my backup disc would be overnight expressed to me.  So, his "not to worry" was meant to be "you'll have your computer back tomorrow".

When I took the backup discs to Best Buy, planning to leave it for an hour or two as I was advised, the guy said it was actually all set.  And had I had to leave it to reinstall, it would have taken A WHOLE DAY.

So now, the swearing isn't because I'm missing a computer.  It's because I have to reset everything to the way I had it before.  This computer knows nothing.

It doesn't know it's supposed to have a pink background.

It has no idea what it should have pinned to the task bar. 

It has a blue screen without any pictures, icons or sticky notes all over it.

And right now, it's unaware that I don't need a new window to pop open every time I do something on my blog.


But, it's back, which means I should be back in business.  And I should stop complaining because I don't have any excuses.

Except that I have to reload all of my music into my itunes.

That'll be good for a couple of hours worth of swearing.

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  1. Girl, I had so many computer problems too. So annoying, right!! Glad to have you back!

  2. My brand new Mac is in the hospital right now too. I so feel you.


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