Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Beauty Of January

I don't know many people who love winter, mainly because wherever you live, it's colder, darker and drearier than any other time of the year.  For those of us in northern climates, it's just gross and loathesome. 

For me, it's not the cold that bothers me as much as the darkness and super short days.  There are days in December and January that actually come to a close by 4:00pm.  If it's not a bright sunny day, I can kiss daylight good-bye as I'm leaving school at 4pm.

Once mid-January comes and I can see a glimmer of light after 4:45pm, I start to get excited.  I love coming home from school with a few hours of daylight in the late spring. I laugh when I think that at 8pm in June, I'm still outside in daylight and by 4pm in January, it's just about dark!

Sadly, I don't laugh for long because then it's dark and I just want to be inside, sitting around.

It's no wonder we get sluggish in the winter.

The only bonus to winter around these parts is that when it's sunny, it's very, very sunny.  Ridiculous, in fact.   Like Mother Nature can't get ahold of herself and she just has to be the sunniest she can possibly be in one day.

A week ago, it was below 20 degrees when I got up. 

Today, it's in the 50s and as sunny as sunny can be. 

We're supposed to get a 2 day snow storm after today.

With the weather being so bi-polar, is it any wonder so many people are?

K-ster and I went for a walk today and took these pictures.

Looks like we're in the desert, right?  Or maybe the prairie?  Or savannah?

Guess again!  This is the beach that you can drive on, which k-ster loves and I'm not crazy about.  As I explained here. We didn't drive out today but walked for a while instead.
We saw a seal sunning itself but there were too many people to bother taking a picture. Plus, you'd never believe it was alive and then you'd probably call PETA and I'd be shut down.  In the winter, those slick black or grey seals that you see in aquariums grow a thick fur coat that's whiteish and when they come out on the beach, they look like dirty blobs of snow.  They just lay there, looking so dead and when you get close, they still ignore you and don't move a muscle. 
So, we have a few months until this looks refreshing enough to jump in, and we'll have many days of nasty before then, so I try to LOVE everything about this weather in January that I can.
Especially since tomorrow, I'll probably be up to my eyeballs in snow.
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Oh, and k-ster took the pictures with his amazing phone.  That thing never takes a bad picture.  Well, there was one bad picture of me in mid sentence, wearing green and red and looking like a Christmas tree, so I deleted it.  Probably not the phone's fault, right?


  1. I'm down with winter as long as it stays within it's boundaries. Where we live we get the four seasons so I welcome each one with open arms under one condition. It arrives on time and leaves on time. No lingering especially winter.


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