Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost In A Field Of Poppies

Well, this has been quite a week.  I seem to be on a perpetual treadmill at school and can't catch my  breath and the week is over before I know it. 

I had a physical and outstanding blood work and my blood pressure it totally back to normal.  Whoo hoo. 

I finally have my Dell back and in working order and with the Office Suite that I so desperately need. 

This week, I had the quintessential middle school class with 2 girls sobbing hysterically for the entire period and two other kids who were so defiant they had to be removed.  In one class!! 

Friday's looking really good.  Maybe I can catch my breath this weekend.

Then, this really made my week.  I checked some blogs before I left this morning and lo and behold Poppy, over at Funny or Snot mentioned me!  She wants to have a threesome with me!  Go see!

Ok, she doesn't want to have a threesome.  It's a foursome, really, that she wants.
She chose 3 bloggers who she would want to be on her team in the Amazing Race, if she were so inclined to do the Amazing Race.  This is really spectacular for several reasons.
1)  for ages, I wanted to do the Amazing Race.  I thought I'd be really good at it.  I speak French and enough Spanish to get me in trouble and enough German to read street signs.  I know how to read a map.  I've been to Europe and kind of "get" European cities.  I'd have to wing it elsewhere, but I thought it wouldn't be so hard.
Then I got to thinking about my incessant need to be hydrated which leads to, you guessed it, the need to pee every 34 seconds.  Somehow, telling my teammates that I have to pee AGAIN and I'll catch up to them in a minute would get really old.
Also, I don't function well when I'm hungry and tired and something tells  me race participants are hungry and tired often.  I'm curious about the accommodations they actually stay in each night and I suspect they are far better than we are led to believe but I'm not sure I can handle that kind of fatigue and still be civil.  And we've seem some pretty uncivil behavior on the Race over the years, amiright?
Finally, the Amazing Race is not for me because of all the flying.  I am a good flier but I don't love it.  I don't like the pressure I get from flying and the headachy sensation I always feel when I fly.  And I especially hate flying in 2000+ because there's no room on the plane and everyone's grouchy.  I don't know how they get off a plane and immediately jump right into a task.  I'd have to go to the bathroom, get a drink, have a snack and THEN maybe look at the next task.
2)  another reason it's really cool that Poppy chose me is that it was completely unexpected.  I always enter contests and post things hither and yon without so much as a mention.  What a shock it was to see her blurb about me today, with no previous envy that I could be cool enough to  be with Poppy in a threesome.  Foursome.
3)  finally, did you see what she wrote about me?  I'm can't stop rolling all over the floor because of her description of me.  She opens with "she is not a priss".  K-ster is still trying to show me how the dictionary actually has my picture next to the definition of priss. 
I'm sure this outfit gave her that impression.

If  I'm willing to show my bloggers my butt, what else will I show them???
She goes on to say how  I'm really practical and resourceful.  I think it's really funny that this comes out in my writing.  I think people who know me in real life would agree with both of those descriptions but I think it's really funny that she could detect it in posts like these.  I also think resourceful and practical translates to tells it like it is.
And, I wouldn't be me if I didn't love her last line "I totally think we could kick ass…If I just shut up and did what she said.".  ANYONE who knows me is now rolling on the floor because no one EVER shuts up and does what I say, but they all know that's all I ever want. 
How on earth that message comes across in my blog, I'll never know.  Oh, maybe it's something like this that gave her that impression.
As I told her this morning, if only my students believed they should shut up and do I as I say!
Well, Poppy, I'm not sure what this all means.  I guess it all boils down to me being Miss Practical and Sensible who won't take any crap.  In high school, I would not have enjoyed that honor. 
Today, I'm ok with being the go to person when it comes to believing I can see the big picture and I might know the way out of this mess. 
I'm actually  ok with knowing I leave practical comments on blogs.  I just hope they are practical and amusing.  Cuz nobody wants a lot of eyerolling, why didn't I think of that comments.  Those stink from a mile away.
And finally,   I tell it like it is because I don't know any other way to tell it.  And I think I have to keep on telling it that way because that's who I am.
Now go see Poppy and read her work.  She's really funny. 
Do it now, while I go pee and link up here and here and here.  
Because I said so!  


  1. The first time we talked via email was because you wanted to try a pole dancing class so that is the first in a long line of reasons I don't think you are a priss. I love that you tell it like it is. I wish more people would. I think it is a good thing that your genuine personality translates through your blog. I hope mine does too.

    Don't worry, I pee a lot, too. I never leave home without my Poise pads!

    I've always loved that picture of your booty, too.

  2. What a great wrap :) Good on ya for telling us how it it. Very refreshing :)

  3. Haha that's hysterical. Just make sure poppy carries emergency snacks with her.

    1. Ha ha this is my sister's response and she used to think we would be a good team on the Amazing Race. Then she discovered the panic that ensues if I don't know when my next meal is coming, and I think that put an end to that dream. Plus, we have the family bladder which means if I wasn't peeing, she would be, so we'd never get past the first pit stop. Ironic that we'd be stuck peeing in a pit stop.

  4. We are much a like my friend and just for the record, I wouldn't do the Amazing Race either!


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