Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mother Nature Has Lost Her Mind

I knew when I posted this the other day that we were going to have a change in weather.  I was expecting snow and a snow day.  We got snow, but sadly for my tired brain, no snow day.

Remember when you were a kid and you heard that it might snow and you kept yourself half awake all night hoping you wouldn't have school?  You'd check every time you got up to go to the bathroom?  No?  It was just me?

Well, I do it even worse as an adult.  We get an automated call in the wee hours if there is a delay or no school.  Unless it is forecast for such awful weather that they decide to call the night before.  We have had a few snow days in the past few years that have actually produced no snow, but they had predicted such storms that they cancelled school by 9pm the night before.

We knew we were getting snow on Monday and try as I might, I could not avoid looking at the predictions and the forecast inches of snow.  So all Monday evening, I waited for the call.  Even at 11pm, I checked just once more to see if the radio stations had been called.

They hadn't.

I woke up around 4am and could not go back to sleep.  It had stopped snowing!  But there was snow.  Would there be enough to cause a delay?  Even 2 hours would be great. In fact, a 2 hour delay is the best because we don't have to make up that time in June.  We have to make up snow days but delays of 2 hours or less are not considered days off.  We already have 2 snow days to make up because of Sandy.

Sadly, no snow days for me this week.  And I had to drag my tired self to school Tuesday.

For a couple of weeks, the weathermen have been crying wolf about the "arctic air" that should be headed our way.  Instead, we got the glorious 50 degree weather over the weekend.

And then.

Then Mother Nature let loose. 

That's right.  5 degrees on the little blue line.  5 degrees.  3 days ago, it was 50 degrees.  I'm no math wizard, but that's 10 times warmer than it was this morning!!
We had a roaring high of 20 today.

Now, I don't want to hear from you Minnesotans and you Alaskans and God forbid, you Canadians, about how that's nothing.  How 5 degrees above zero is a heat wave where you come from.
Where I come from, winter is 30 degrees, not 5.
I can't say I like this weather very much.  It's freezing up my creativity.  My blog is suffering.

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