Saturday, July 5, 2014

Breaking And Entering

I get a lot of flack from people because I don't always lock my vehicle in parking lots.  Depending on where I am, I might leave all of the windows down, GASP, or I might roll them up and lock it. 

I grew up in a pretty rural area where we didn't even lock house doors and it took a few break ins (not in my specific house, but nearby) for me to get it through my head that locking the house is necessary.

And even though something was once stolen from my car, I can't remember to lock it 99% of the time.  To this day, I don't think the thing was stolen, I still believe I put it somewhere weird and forgot about it.

And really, I don't worry.  Because at any give time, my car looks like this.

No, I haven't packed for a trip.  This is just the normal, run of the mill scene in my car.

A suitcase, a dehumidifier, a yoga mat, a saddle, t-shirts from the run.  And that's just in the way back (didn't you grow up with a station wagon and call it the way back?)    I figure if someone breaks in, they won't even know what to take first.  Would you?

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