Sunday, July 20, 2014

Super Sunday Smilefest 5

Welcome to another Super Sunday Smilefest!  The rules are simple:

1.  Follow me in some way.
2.  Write a post that tells about what  made you smile this week.  It can be funny, cute, charming, or just something that gave you one of those super satisfying sighs.
3.  Share your post (just one per week) in the linky at the bottom.
4.  Go visit a few other people and enjoy their sharefest too!

Link  up at the bottom of the post.

Here we go!

My sister a-ster arrived a few days early for their annual summer visit.  Today, they were in total vacation mode just hanging around, while my sister sewed this outfit for L-ster.   We went outside to take pictures for her blog, so I ran around with her for some good action shots.  It looks like we're playing football with this stuffed animal.
We came over to my garden for some different background color and she found both of my nozzles and started stuffing leaves into them.  Definitely a future gardener? 

Lots of smiles playing with her.

I finally took the time to figure out how to recycle t-shirts, so I whipped this baby together on afternoon.  Read more about that here and visit my etsy!

Smiles when I finished it because a) it was complete and b) I only used pre-owned t-shirts, so nothing new was used!

This post cracked me up when I experienced it, then again when I wrote it, and even now as I reread it.  Lots of big smiles!

Now, link up what made you smile or laugh or just sigh with contentment this week!

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