Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Who Doesn't Love A Package?

A couple of days before school got out, a student and a his special education assistant walked into my room with a small package.  This boy is OBSESSED with UPS and FedEx and waits every day to see if they will come and deliver something.  Sometimes, he gets to deliver the packages to teachers and it's a huge thrill for him.

In they walked with a small box.

I wasn't expecting anything, so this was quite a surprise. 

Not wasting a moment, the student grabbed some scissors and handed them to me to open the mystery package in front of him. 

The address was the school's but instead of my full name, it just said Mademoiselle.  That's very unusual.  And I hadn't ordered anything, so I couldn't imagine what was in there.

As I started to cut it open, I started envisioning anthrax and bombs and anything else that has been sent by mail since 9/11 because really, I hadn't ordered anything.  I wondered if I should just wait.  But where and when would I open it that it would be any safer?

The boy was just about panting with anticipation. 

So, I finally got the box open, and out popped this:

Ummm, what?

No packing slip.  No note.  And the return address wasn't something I'm familiar with.

Just a random box of Kleenex.

The boy was so very disappointed and the assistant was just about wetting her pants.  She said it was the best, most anticlimactic box opening they'd had all year.

My life continues to be so weird.

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