Monday, October 18, 2010

100th Post, 100 Things

I've been debating this post for about 30 posts now.  Do I do a 100 things about me post at my 100th post?  Does anyone care?  Do I even know 100 things about myself?  Are there 100 things that could be even remotely interesting?  And most importantly, if I write about them, will people read them?  But it will be cool to have them out there, so many years from now, before the internet becomes obsolete, I can look back and say WOW, that's what I thought when my blog turned 100.  And then I can chuckle at my naive ways.  And the joys of youth.  Or something like that.

So I must confess that I could not sit down and do this all in one sitting.  And I am not certain that I haven't repeated myself.  And I definitely didn't put these in any order of importance.  That would be way too much of a math problem.

1.  I can trace my mother's side of the family back to the Mayflower.
2.  I love animals and want to be a vet if I come back in another life.  Maybe then I will have the gift of math and science knowledge and that will work out.
3.  I always knew I would be a teacher, I just didn't know what I would teach.
4.  At 35, I can still do a split.
5.  At 35, I still think I am 16 (see #4).
6.  I never thought I would be a fitness instructor, but I am.  But who are we kidding, all cheerleaders because some sort of instructor in something that requires bouncing.
7.  When I bought my ipod, I got free engraving, so I have Run For Your Life on there.  I believe we are all running from death and I don't mean that to be morose and depressing. 
8.  I love dark chocolate.
9.  I can type really fast but I tend to really pound on the keyboard.  My college roommate did not appreciate this.  People in computer labs tend to get annoyed.  My students are super amazed that I can type so fast and often without looking.  This shocks me because they are the kids who have grown up with computers growing out of their butts so I don't know why they can't type faster than me.
10.  I live 1/4 mile from the ocean but I have never been on a whale watch or seen a whale in real life.
11.  I am not a fan of boats (see #10).
12.  I grew up in the house where I live now.  And so did my mother.
13.  I treasure my teeth.
14.  For most of my life, I refused to drink tea on a regular basis because I was afraid it would stain my teeth(see #13).
15.  I never saw Star Wars and I 'm OK with that.
16.  I never, ever liked Michael Jackson or his music.
17.  I pegged my pants in middle school and maybe a little into high school.
18.  I can cook, sew, crochet, knit, and drive a tractor.
19.  I was raised to figure out how to do it and so I do.  (for a bit of irony, see my post about chivalry)
20.  I am an amazing player of the new game Bananagrams.  People quake in my presence.  This game illustrates my savant powers.
21.  Reading is one of my favorite activities, so much so that I have a M. Ed in reading but I teach French.
22.  Until I was in 9th grade, I went with my family to Florida twice a year but we usually didn't go to Disney World or do touristy things.  I'm not sure what we did, really, but we liked it.  There were lots of trips in the car to visit family and friends.  And we were introduced to WalMart in Kissimmee and we thought that was a great place.  What did we know?
23.  I am right handed.  I am virtually incompetent with my left hand, except for typing and playing the piano.
24.  I once helped a left handed student learn to crochet by trying it left handed myself.  It made me understand her pain trying to learn how to use her right hand, so I didn't force the issue and left her do it "backwards" to my way.  But it really made no difference in the final product.
25.  I have never lived my life in a way that wasn't determined by the school calendar (student, college student, teacher, never a break in the cycle!)
26.  I watched The Guiding Light for about 30 years of my life.  We loved to watch it and would sneak in to watch it without my father knowing as much as we could.  My mother would tape it and then we'd watch it with her, until she realized we were there and weren't supposed to be watching it.  As an adult, I continued, LOVING the show.  Until the very end, last year.  So sad.
27.  I am very prompt and have no patience for those who aren't.
28.  I love newly sharpened pencils.  I feel like I could write a masterpiece if I just had a sharp pencil!
29.  I do not color my hair and made a vow to my father that I never would.
30.  I don't wear make up anymore, including nail polish, because I am certain it has chemicals that will kill me.
31.  I am a HUGE fan of plants and will never live in a house without them.  Or comprehend those who say they kill everything.   I bring in my outdoor plants to school for the winter so they don't die.  They add an air of gorgeous at the front entrance of our school.  And they save me from buying new plants every spring.
32.  I've had stitches once in my life, from cutting my hand with a knife as I tried to split a peach for my sister and myself when I was in 3rd grade.
33.  I believe my chiropractor keeps my body in line with itself and keeps me healthy and injury free.  But I do pause every time I go and wonder if this might be the day that he twists me the wrong way and breaks my back.  I love living on the edge like that.
34.  I haven't eaten beef since I was 16 because it bothers my stomach.  Sometimes I really crave a fat, juicy, nasty McDonald's hamburger.  But, sitting on a toilet to enjoy a meal isn't my cup of tea.
35.  My birthday is in October and I was born 2 weeks late.  It's the last thing I was ever late for!!  See #27
36.  My middle sister got married before I did.  My youngest sister bought a house before I did. I think I am supposed to be mad at this.  I just keep thinking "good, at least someone is doing it right."
37.  I sing.  In fact, this may be how I landed my job at the school where I work.  I didn't have to sing for the interview, but because I sang with a chorale, a member of the chorale got me the interview and lo and behold, she's long gone and here I am 15 years later, still teaching there.
38.  When I was in high school, I sang the National Anthem at basketball games.  And one time, I forgot the words midway through the song.  Instead of running away crying, I laughed and felt like "oh well, whatever" and started again, much to the amusement of the crowd.  That might have been the moment I realized I could never be a professional singer and spend my life singing on a stage.  I am too easily distracted and would forget the words all the time!
39.  I speak French fluently.
40.  I have never driven a car on the opposite side of the road, like they do in England.
41.  I am very Irish but don't love potatoes or bagpipes.
42.  I am a wordsmith and simply love wordgames.  See #20.
43.  Pink is my favorite color, but I'm growing weary of this because it seems pink is EVERYONE's favorite color.  K-ster has taken to thinking he can bribe me with pink to get me to do things.  I'm on to that though.
44.  I do not ever want to skydive.  Ever.
45.  I have never been on a rollercoaster.
46.  I cannot drive a stick shift.
47.  I made my prom dress for my senior prom.
48.  I love the show The Apprentice but don't like The Celebrity Apprentice.  I used to want to audition for The Apprentice.
49.  I am very glad that American Idol was not around when I was a teenage because I would have thought I was meant to be on there.  See  #37.
50.  I took ballet lessons until I was a freshman in high school.
51.  My first job was cleaning the bathrooms in my family's campground.  For pennies, I am sure.
52.  My first job outside of my family was for a small bakery/convenience store and I made $4.15 per hour.
53.  I have been to 11 countries.
54.  I was woman of the year in 2010 for my local American Business Women's Association.
55.  I don't like spicy food.
56.  I don't like greasy food.
57.  I love dessert and I am not afraid to eat it.
58.  I love chocolate milk.
59.  Will and Grace was one of my all time favorite shows.
60.  I used to work for a marketing company promoting alcohol but finding me with a drink in my hand is very, very rare.
61.  I have an aunt that lived to 103.
62.  I don't like to paint houses.  If you move and want my help, I will do just about anything but I WILL NOT PAINT.
63.  I enjoy vacuuming and mowing the grass.  I think they are pretty much the same activity.
64.  I have a cat.
65.  I like dogs but I haven't owned one for longer than 6 months.
66.  Croissants make me sad.  Click here
67.  I rarely pay full price for clothing or shoes.  I shop at Marshall, TJMax or just wait for sales unless I am super desperate.  I am not a fashionista.
68.  I eat yogurt every day and have for so many years, I wonder just how much "good" bacteria is in my intestines!
69.  I am very afraid of bugs in the house.  Outside is fine, in my house, not so fine.  Click here.
70.  Dirty Dancing was one of my favorite movies.
71.  Where the Red Fern Grows is my favorite book.  Followed very closely by The Help.
72.  I used to have a dream about having to take a trip on a plane every time I knew something was coming up that I didn't want to do.
73.  I spent the spring of my sophomore year in college in Aix-en-Provence, France.
74.  I never had to take Calculus!
75.  I played checkers with a woman who was brain injured and only communicated by eye blinks.  We had to move the chips for her based on her eye blinks.
76. The first computer I used was a TRS-80 from Radio Shack!
77.  I have plowed snow.
78.  I am not opposed to hunting if you plan to eat what you kill and you use a bow and arrow to kill it. In the woods, in the wild, not on any kind of wildlife reserve.
79.  I don't like leather because it smells and it's cold.  I do love the smell of my leather saddle, though.
80.  I never played a sport other than cheerleading.
81.  I did not become a runner until 2001.
82.  I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees because my hips ache if I don't!
83.  The only cake I like is Devil's Food or cheesecake.
84.  My birthstone is opal and I happen to love opals.
85.  I have never been to the west coast.
86.  I don't like wine.
87.  I don't mind the smell of manure.
88.  I like to call Target Targay.
89.  I do not use facebook.
90.  I don't like to carve pumpkins.
91.  I have an overdeveloped sense of smell.
92.  I am about to buy a greenhouse.
93.  If I eat anything with a sharp taste (dark chocolate, sharp cheese, cough medicine) I immediately sneeze.
94.  I have never eaten escargot.
95.  I don't love to go camping in tents.
96.  I am very afraid of balloons in confined spaces because they pop and I don't like the noise. 
97.  When I was little and the teacher talked about playing with the parachute, I thought we were going to have to parachute out of planes and I just about lost my mind with fear.
98.  I had braces.
99.  I went to a Christian school for 9 years.
100.  I am such a narcissist that I found 99 things to say about myself on my 100th post.

Thank you for tuning in.  I'd love to have more followers, since poor vandy is over there following me all by her lonesome.  So hop on!


  1. i tried to make a list of 25 things once and barely got to ten. it was pretty pathetic.

    i've never seen star wars either. somehow, i don't feel like i'm missing much.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post!
    I am following you now.

    I had escargot for an appetizer over the weekend. I can't think about it too much while I'm eating it or I'll get skeeved out. I am also a vegetarian (only since April, though).

    The Help is one of my favorite books, too.

    Enjoyed reading your list!
    erin @ the mother load


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