Friday, October 1, 2010

Feel Good Friday

It's already time for another edition of Feel Good Friday!  Go visit TheGirlNextDoorGrowsUp and link up your own Feel Good Friday after you read mine.

In no particular order, here's the way the week went.

1.  Today, my students were playing a game where they had to match francophone countries (those are countries that speak French) with the continents where they are located.  This was concentration/memory.  One of my students said "you know, this would be much easier if it was still pangea!!"  I died.

2.  We had a cookout Saturday for k-ster's mother's birthday and it was nice.  A variety of her family came.  I made shishkabobs, the simplest thing next to hamburgers and hot dogs and you would have thought they were eating high class food.  They made such a big deal of the hard work I put into it.  The whole reason I made them was because for my parents cookout that they came to, I did the same thing and she liked them.  They are a breeze to make and make a nice change from hamburgers and hot dogs.  Aside from 2 Greek pasta salads and no other options, it was a nice afternoon. And k-ster made the cake, so that was a big deal.  From scratch.  Ain't no cake mix cookin' goin' in this house!! I even coerced him into making the frosting from scratch.  All you mix bakers and canned frosting users, by the time you go to the store by all that chemical-filled processed crap, you could have just made it at home in the same amount of time.  And then you at  least know what's in it.  And most of us don't have mono -di-whatevers in our cupboards to fill them with.  Seriously, if you've never made a cake from scratch, get a recipe and do it.  I recommend chocolate because you really can't screw up chocolate.  Yellow and white cakes don't seem to be as easy.

3.  Tucker's mystery illness was at bay this week so I was able to ride twice but then yesterday after I rode , he had a fever again, so that was weird.  But it's raining today so he got the day off.  We went into the woods on Monday after my lesson and took a new route.  I have no idea why we had so much fun.  He was like "oooh and adVENture" and was really interested, eating leaves off of trees(with the bit this cannot be fun for him) and smelled every turd along the way.  He only spooked once and whipped around toward home, so I let him go because he'd behaved well until then.  Apparently he thought the dog coming out of the pond was the Swamp Monster himself.  He was very funny when we passed two horses.  All of a sudden he perked right up and was strutting his stuff and was like "heLLOOOOO LADIES" as we passed.  We've never done that before so I didn't know what he'd do.  He is so full of himself.  When I was at barn #1, there was a giant mirror so you could look at your form and when it was open, he'd stop and just look at himself.

4.  It's October 1 and I am still getting tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and chard out of my garden!  I think this is a first.  And the broccoli is just starting.  It had a very bad start, so I'm surprised I have any at all.  70 degrees on October 1.  We've been sup-er sweaty and humid all week but now it's raining so I suspect it might feel like fall tomorrow.

5. You know I'm crafty and for anyone who crochets, you know that having the right gauge is crucial to make things come together right.  I am doing the Bernat Crochet A  Long over on the Bernat Blog and though I have no time to be doing it, I am insistent gee that's shocking.   There's a mystery afghan going on and each week we get a new clue.  Clue 1 was very easy but I had to rip it out over and over because it was too small.  I tried the sample and found it was too small.  So I went up a hook.  Still too small.  So I went up 2 hooks.  Too big.  Went down one.  JUST RIGHT.  So now I have to actually make the 2 squares since I fooled around with the gauge for a week and didn't even have time to be doing that.  Now I'm all set and can begin and maybe I'll be on track for clue #3.

That's all the happy for this week.  Go see the girl and tell us about your own happy!


  1. Concerned about this mystery illness, but otherwise sound like a pretty good week!!


  2. OOh that was fun to see the crochet square at the Bernat blog.
    I had to look up 'pangea' Smart kids you have there.
    I adore shish kabobs. My father used to grill them. Oh god you make me want to make some.
    When I was young we made cakes from scratch, or if we we making a particular recipe. After Duncan Hines mixes came out, I mostly used those. Now I avoid cake.
    Ah youth and a high metablolism. XD

  3. I've told that story about pangea to a lot of people and sometimes I'm getting a strange look and smirk like they agree and it's making me think maybe lots of people don't know what pangea was. That's sad because I'm pretty sure everyone learned about it once, probably in 6th grade.

  4. I speak French and took many many years of it...big mistake. Should have taken Spanish !

    Have a super weekend, thank you for participating.

  5. I love knowing about pangea.

    And my kids know all that and I love that they know...

    I'm like you, things are just so interesting, I have to know more...


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