Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Say It's My Birthday

I just have to start by saying, I was not drunk.  No alcohol was involved.  I am glad to show you how much thought I put into dressing up for the occasion.  But, I have great legs, so I can get away with it.

So, today might be my birthday.  Some people don't like birthdays because it means they are another year older.  That doesn't bother me.  I don't like birthdays because it means people like to sneak surprises on me or try to make a spectacle out of me.  I don't like surprises or being made a spectacle.  We celebrated my birthday last night at my parents house with my sister e-ster and her boyfriend.  A-ster had something sent to the house for me.

E-ster gave something for my laptop to sit on when I use it on my lap, but the laptop is bigger than the holder, so that proved to be a tricky trying to use it last night.   She will return it and see what else we can find.

My parents gave me a sound machine that is supposed to create soothing background noise for sleeping.  We have become so addicted to a fan that it's actually scary trying to sleep without it.  And this summer, we used a bigger fan that got to be even more addicting.  With the onset of fall, we've had to scale back to the smaller quiet fan.  Somehow I thought the sound machine would wean us off the fan.  And onto it, I guess.

We have 24 sounds to choose from.  12 of them are "nature sounds" and 12 are nature with a twist of brain wave interaction sounds.  I liked Echoes, which was some synthesizer and lots of nature sounds and probably lots of subliminal messages.  K-ster didn't like the crickets, so he chose ocean, which was strictly ocean sounds.  Well, folks, I don't live on the water for a reason.  I slept very poorly.  I actually came out of sleep several times due to the rolling of the ocean.  I need a consistent noise.  Not the rolling of anything.  So, I think we will put that on hold until the weekend when I wont' care if I dont' get my necessary minutes of sleep.  But no more ocean, ever.  Maybe creek or rain.  Or possibly crickets.

A-ster gave me the Crazy Creek Chair that I'd been wanting.  My friend z-ster in college used to use one and I always thought he looked ridiculous and I wouldn't even go near the damned thing.  But this summer, several things occurred when I was like "Oh that Crazy Creek Chair would be perfect".  So, what is it?

Doesn't look much like a chair, does it? How about now?

There are some other highly unflattering pictures that will remain off of this blog.  However, there are 2 video clips at the bottom of this post that might amuse you.  I didn't realize she was filming, I was kidding when I mentioned it because my father didn't know his Iphone 4 could do video.

I happen to really like this hibiscus print. Can you tell?  Wait, is there a theme emerging here? Yes, my ipod also has the same skin on it. But the chair came much later than the skins and just happens to match. Now, if I could just get the seats of The General to match....

So, if e-ster gets around to sharing the evil video she created, I will add it because it's pretty funny.

Today at school, I was coming in from lunch duty and was accosted by this in the office.
So, I carried them up to my room amid a thousand 7th graders and they were all amazed.  How did I get them?  Where did they come from?  But not one of them asked Who sent them? 

Other than the flowers, and a couple of students who knew it was my birthday and thought they might get extra credit for saying Joyeux Anniversaire or Bonne Anniversaire, it was a pretty quiet day.  No real surprises.  No one unexpectedly singing to me.   No strange tactics to get me into a room where a surprise cake was awaiting my screams.  Just the way I like it.  I taught my class at the gym.  K-ster cooked supper.  Just another day in the week. 

Oh and I ordered my greenhouse today.  And told him it was my birthday, so what else could he do for me?  He is throwing in 3 other little gifts which probably cost the company 34 cents but I never try to swindle things out of people, so I feel I deserve it.  But k-ster just explained how difficult it might be to actually receive the shipment (it's coming on a variety of pallets) so now I have to figure that out.  Sit down and watch boys, I might have to break out the tractor myself to unload these things.  But  I have 12-15 days to figure that out.



  1. nanananana...they say it's your birthday...nananananana...it's my birthday too, yeah!....ok, not really my birthday. But happy birthday!
    Sounds like you got spoiled, right down to receive a big box of humiliation! I kid! I know it's all fun and games (till someone loses an eye...)
    The pics were hilarious! Loved. Them!
    By the way, I just way to a Lia Sophia jewellery party two weeks ago...so obviously you sell. I think so many of the pieces are gorgeous, I left the party completely overwhelmed, and wishing I had a job to pay for everything I wanted...and no, I do not have time to be a rep, but my friend promptly signed up for the gig.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I love the hibiscus print, too.
    Oh, and my girls use a white noise machine. It only has 10 sounds, but they use "wind." They're a little addicted, too.


  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had the day of your wishes--cool!


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