Friday, October 22, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again. It's like a cycle, there's a Friday every week. And I find 5 things that made me feel good. It all just comes so fast! Get over to the girl's website and link up and tell us your Feel Good Stories!

1.  How could these pictures NOT make me feel good?

There is a river just at the end of my street and on the way to a meeting yesterday, this was the site I was driving toward.  I whipped out my phone though this isn't even close to how spectacular it was in person, I can't believe how good these pictures look from my dinky phone.  In my experience, rainbows are usually very faint.  O.M.G. the colors in this were so vibrant I thought it was a joke.  I even saw the very dark purple all the way on the left that I never see.  AND there was another one beside it. If you look just over the bow of the white sailboat, you can almost see it.  It's to the right of the big one.  When I first got out of the truck, they were both just screaming I'M A RAINBOW but then the clouds came and the one on the right just about disappeared.  The darker one was making a perfect arc over the windmill and.  I promise I didn't do any editing here.  SPEC.TAC.U.LAR.  I didn't know I was such a fan of rainbows until recently.

2.  Some girls at school really want to have a glee club, along the lines of that stupid show Glee.  We have a chorus but it's not a show chorus.  These girls have really worked out lots of plans but need an adult to help it come together. It's really beyond our realm, but someone suggested I use my secret powers at the Cultural Center and it looks like something VERY cool will come out of it.  Like a 20 minute movie that they will make.  I can't wait to iron out the details and get them going.  I want to see it plant a seed for many more years of something like this.  Very exciting.

3.  My bloggy friend Erin over at themotherload does NOT have breast cancer.  I don't know her from a hole in the wall, other than I like her blog, and she blogged about some scary lumps and the fear of waiting and having an MRI and now dealing with the fact that it's not cancer.  She's around my age and this is a fear I live with daily (yes I know having this fear causes stress and stress allows cancer to walk in without a hall pass but I can't help it) so I feel for her.  Go check out her writing.  Though she will tell you she isn't at her best, dealing with the aftermath of not being given a life sentence, she writes well and she's a pleasure to read.

4.  K-ster got to go to the opening game of the professional hockey team we have around here.  Though I don't give a rat's ass about hockey or any professional sport, he does and it makes me happy that he gets so excited.  However, he was a little too excited the night before, as you can watch here.  His brother got season tickets so it's nice that he and his brother get to do this.

5.  I've come to a decision about my greenhouse and I will purchase it on Monday.  You'd think I was building a house with the amount of effort I've put into researching this.   I looked at the PDF of the directions.  Wow, not rocket science but it's not as simple as I thought it would be.  It makes me laugh because in the picture, it shows them using a forklift to raise the frame and I was thinking, wow, does the average person have something like that?  We have a front end loader but I know that is not normal.  This will come in very handy as will k-ster and his friends who all will flock to the homestead when they hear that something is being built and it might involve a tractor.  I dont' know what I'd do if k-ster was one of those pansy ass boys who can't get his hands dirty.  My rule is that I should not be able to drive more things than my man can.  Phew, he passes. 

Now, go see the girl and link up!!

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  1. The greenhouse sounds cool. That will be so much fun!


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