Friday, October 15, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I can't believe we're here again already.  I haven't had a very inspiring week, so I'm going to have to go out on a limb here.

1.  I got my hair cut Saturday.  It was really long, for me, and I looked like an old hag so I knew it was time.  I told her I still have to be able to pull it back . She took that to mean that I would like some layers (which I don't like to have) and make it shorter than I'd expect.  It isn't awful but I'm not sure I like it yet.  I wash my hair at night, so it's kind of crazy by morning.  Which looked cute 3 times this week but I am not sure I can pull it off every day.

2.  It was such a relief not to have to create a float for the parade on Sunday.  I explained that last week, here.  It was a relief with a capital R.

3.  I do an after school activity called Recess Gone Wild.  My intention was that we would do a boot camp type of thing, but I didn't wan to scare them with all sorts of drills, so I planned on silly things that would make them exercise.  But they saw the word RECESS and spent the entire time last week asking when recess would start, while I was knocking myself out trying to make it fun and funny.  When I asked them what they signed up for,, they explained that they thought they were going to go next door and play on the playground like they did in elementary school.  So, I hauled them over there yesterday, fully expecting that after 3.2 minutes, they would be bored and ask me what they could do next.  A playground is a powerful thing.  They boys took a football and played some game they made up on the field that was not football.  They were like little boys, they had so much fun.  The girls did death defying gymnastics on the playground and kept saying how much they miss recess and how much FUN they were having.  Right up until the end.  Even the brats that want to just gossip had fun swinging while they gossiped.  Now if I can just make it work for 5 more weeks...

4.  I planned to make my decision about getting a greenhouse last weekend.  I really wanted it already put up like 2 weeks ago.  So many choices.  I bit the bullet and called a company and with a crazy price later, we got off the phone and I have to decide what I want to do.  I dont' want to heat it, or do crazy things just yet.  But I also don't want a puny 8 foot by 8 foot greenhouse that is like a closet.  He made me feel bad when he told me he thought that would be right for me.  So then he found a magical thing and quoted me a price and I have to decide what I think about forking over money for a hobby that might or might not feed us a little longer.  It's all part of my master plan but I have to actually get the greenhouse as the first step in making the master plan actually come to fruition.  So, something perfect is out there for me, but I have to decide if I want it.

5.  I found some coconut ice cream that just pleases the heck out of me.

I told you, this was not a great week.  A lot more feel bad than feel good.  So go find the girl and link up your own feel good stuff.

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  1. Enjoy your decision about the green house, whichever way you go.Have your best week ever.


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