Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Do Croissants Make Me Sad?

I know.  Until now, you've thought I was a very rational human being.  Nothing too quirky.  No real psychoses to deal with.  Sadly, this may change.

I told my students that croissants make me sad and they thought that was hysterical.  I don't know why they make me sad.  I bite into one and immediately, I just want to cry.  I get that ache in the back of my throat like I'm just going to cry at any second.   
It's not that I don't like the taste.  I enjoy the buttery flavor.  It's not that I had a bad experience when I ate a croissant.  They just make me sad.  It doesn't matter where I eat them:  France, England, Belgium, Quebec, my kitchen, my classroom.  I've had them everywhere. And they make  me sad.  

Hmm there are people at my door wearing white coats and carrying a straightjacket.  How did they hear about this already?? 


  1. The only thing that makes me sad about croissants is the buyer's remorse I experience immediately after I eat one.

  2. Maybe they make you sad because they look like a frown? What if they had chocolate inside? A co-worker of mine makes a mean chocolate filled croissant, would that make you sad?! :)

  3. Ok, here's the weird part. I LOVE PAIN AU CHOCOLAT which is the French way to say chocolate in your croissant. Isn't that weird? Same croissant texture and flavor with the bliss of chocolate. You'd think that eating the parts without the chocolate might make me a little sad, but no.

    It's not the frown, I've thought about that. And you can just turn it the other way and it's a smiley face. It's the actual flavor. Maybe it tastes like tears.

  4. Very interesting. You are probably the only person in the world like this, do you think?


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