Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ka Boom

This story was inspired by 29andholding's story about a cabinet that fell off her wall in her office and magically missed the computer and didn't get damaged.  It inexplicably fell and no one was around to witness it. 

All my life, there was a little red chicken/duck house in our yard( i live in the house i grew up in, next door to my parents).  When I was little, we had chickens.  Then all of the chickens were killed by animals, and the house stood empty.  For a while, I had a garden in the coop.  Then it was just an empty little house with no coop. 

Then we had a very crazy windy afternoon one December.  And as I drove up the driveway, this was what I saw.
It wasn't even a hurricane!  See the blue sky?  Just a crazy wind that blew through and it crushed it into smithereens!  Like 29andholding's cabinet story, I would love to have seen this as it happened.  Was it slow motion?  Was there creaking and groaning or just a big bang?  Did it all fall at once or was it over the course of a few gusts of wind?  This thing was up for many, many decades and now it's completely gone.  Just a few pieces of glass on the ground that no matter how many times I pick up keep coming back. It's where my clothesline is now but this fall, I'm putting up a greenhouse.  Oh yeah.  Watch what I can do with my greenhouse.  It's going to be scary.

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