Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of A School Teacher

Yep, apparently I'm an old lady.  Look at these feet!  They are like an old wren's bony feet.  But I do have sexy ankles.  The point of my post is to complain.  Tomorrow's Feel Good Friday so today is Complain Complain Thursday.  If you don't like it, go away.

All summer, I spend most of my time barefoot or slipped into something that I slip out of just as quickly.  Or, I am trapped in socks and sneakers because I'm mowing and that's OK.  Once school starts, I have to actually keep shoes on my feet all day.  For 2 days, I wore some strappy things that gave me a blister near my toe.  I didn' t know I had a blister and proceeded to rip it open last night in the shower.  See the bandaid?  That's because no shoe, flip flop or otherwise, would avoid it.  These shoes are cute LL Bean ballet flats, but I'm not ready for these.  I never realize just how much I don't wear shoes all summer until school starts.  Then it's like wearing them all over again for the first time.

And I've decided I'm getting rid of all the furniture in my house and I'm installing nothing but hammocks.  In the summer, I occasionally(like at least once a day) lounge in the hammock to regroup and it's amazing how it makes my whole body feel better.  I totally take it for granted.  Until I have to stand for 6.5 hours repeating myself all day long (I hate these first few weeks of school).  By the end of the day, which is only like 2:45 but it's the end of my work day, I am paralyzed from standing all day. Me, the queen of fitness!   I move around a lot but it's amazing the number it does on my spine.  All I can think about is laying in the hammock to regroup.    And there's another reason the hammock is divine.  I have found that it puts my body in the perfect position to do things like sew or read.  It provides support for my arms when I'm holding something.  It cradles my back perfectly. So that's it, no more couches for me.  Just hammocks.  And imagine how much fun it will  be at parties with people trying to get in and out of them.

I want AC in my classroom.  We have a very steamy school and though the fall weather is beautiful around here, at school it's very humid.  I sweat just standing there.  It's amazing.  And by the afternoon, I am pretty hot and grouchy and I start to not care.  My fan had disappeared but has now reappeared but it hasn't really helped much.  Today is tolerable, I don't even have the fan on.  I hear it might be only 60 for a high all weekend and that kind of makes me sad.  I'm not ready for cold weather to just slap us like that.  I just want it cool in my room.

I think that's all I can complain about for now.  Tomorrow's Feel Good Friday, so stay tuned!

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