Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday

It hard to believe it, but my well of creativity is dry, truly dry.  So, I am doing a Random Tuesday post from over at theunmom because it at least gives context for the very weird assortment of things I'm going to write. I have to say I've never done a Random Tuesday for a variety of reasons, one being the creepy badge.  Why is it scary?  Why is there ham?  I'm not sure I want to be associated with these people, but I want to write something, so I guess I have to take the creep and ham and just deal.

1.  There are 2 pages of my high school yearbook of butts.  I KNOW.  I posted this in someone's comments the other day and then I thought, wow, this could be a post unto itself.  The names are below each person's butt.  Yes, they are clothed.  And yes, they were all pretty hot butts.  I believe it was theprincessofsarcasm who suggested dared me to suggest that those same brave souls do it again for our 20th reunion.  THAT is a very good idea!!  I can't believe we were allowed to publish that.  I am certain the ACLU would be all over that in these days.  Not for those whose butts we see, but for the fact that some unsuspecting person should open the yearbook and see it and harm their eyes.

2.  When I was a child, my grandmother would buy cards and calendars from a society that supposedly helped para and quadreplegic people.  The pictures on the cards and calendars were supposedly painted by mouth by these very people.  I don't know why I was talking about this last night, but k-ster went nuts.  No one puts those people to work, he said.  No one would write "mouthpainted" on the back of a card, he said.  You are out of your mind, he said.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  Did your grandmother buy these?  My sisters weren't of much help.  They said they remember the calendars but didn't know they were mouthpainted by quadreplegics.  Is this some sort of blasphemy that I keep saying mouthpainted by quadreplegics????

3.  In relation to entry #2, I have to tell you how this subject came up.  Well, I still dont' know where the original topic came from, but I asked k-ster if when he was little, he would imagine what things would look like when someone told him something.  For example, I said, when my grandmother told me that these people painted by mouth, I wondered if the paintbrush would stick out of their mouth like a cigarette, or off to one side.  Would they have a different brush for each color?  These are the things I have to know.

4.  In relation to entry #3.  In my very carried away imagination that I still have, when I was little, my mother told me that the sign that said "blind driveway" was for people who were blind.  And at 8 years old, I believed her.  So I imagined several things.  First, did blind people who drove down these driveways bother to look in the rearview mirror?  If not, did they still throw their arm across the bench seat (this was the 80s) and turn their heads back to "look" as they backed up?  I also imagined that they were allowed to drive down the driveway but then on the street, the seeing driver had to get in and finish the drive.  And the interior of this mystery car was always blue plush.

5.  Maybe I should call this whole post "People Who Lied to My Child Self and How I Believed Them!"

6.  I cleaned THe General this weekend and it looks so spiffy inside, I'm not always sure I'm in the right vehicle.

7.  Tomorrow I am starting the Bernat Crochet A Long on the Bernat Blog and I really don't have time to do it.  I don't know what I'm thinking.  But it's a mystery afghan that you do by getting one clue per week through December and then you have a gorgeous afghan.  Hmmm.

8.  I'm coming up to my 100th post in a few posts and heard of people who do 100 things about themselves for the 100th post.  I don't know if a) I know 100 things about myself and b) people will bother to read them if I go to all that trouble.

9.  We bought a Sleep By Number bed 5 years ago and it's one of the best things I've ever bought.  I love having the different firmness controls.  K-ster isn't always convinced it is as firm as he likes, but we like it better than any mattress we've had.  I don't fall into a hole and feel like my back is broken anymore.

10.  We got new widows in 1998 and they took all of the storm windows off because they were supposed to be magical windows.  I have never been impressed with them and I think we still need the storms windows.  This summer, I took a screen to be rescreened and the nice man told me that with the brand we have, we should really put the storms back on and just rescreen those.  Lo and behold, the storms are still in the barn and most of them are fine.  K-ster believes otherwise and wants to buy new ones but I say there is nothing wrong with them and I brought one out and washed it today to prove my point.  Looks like someone is going to have to buy some aluminum screws to get those babies back on the house.  And for the few that are missing, we can buy new ones but look at what we'll save overall.  He wants to just buy a whole new set, but I don't think he recently hit the jackpot, so the answer is no.

11.  I have an abundance of tomatoes this fall and just about every night I have made something with them.  Just now, I threw them in a pan with oil and garlic and sausage and made spaghetti to go with it and k-ster just said "you know, sometimes I think you really know what you're doing out there."  This makes me laugh.  He is the best at eating whatever I put in front of him, with the rare exception of olives, and rarely complains.  Even when I'm like, hmmm, this is disappointing.  I pay attention to cooking shows when they just toss things together and the more I toss, the more things just seem to make sense.  Someone asked me today if I love to cook.  No, but I usually dont' mind cooking. I really hate it on those nights when it's already 6pm and I haven't even started and I'm really starving.  Then I wish I had it made a maid.

12.  I'm getting a facial tomorrow, just because, and I'm most excited that at 4:30 in the afternoon, I can lay down because I am supposed to and no one will make me feel like I should get up and do something.

And if that's not enough random, I don't know what to tell you. Now get over the to unmom and do your own random!

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