Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Minute Since I am Creatively Broken

Ah the plight of the teacher.  Summers off, everyone thinks, so we get to sit around with our feet up having Raoul buff our toenails while eating bonbons(while we're eating them, not while Raoul is eating them).  My summer is nothing like this, and I'm probably far more on during the summer than off, but I do have a better schedule and have time for things like blogging.  I've only been back to school for 2 weeks and I've fallen right off.  And when I do want to post, I have nothing creative in me.  So, I am doing the Monday Minute at the dailydoseofreality because I can't think on my own.  Even if for some reason they think this Monday is the 21st, which it is not, it's the 20th.  But I digress.

 1 - Have you ever lied on one of your Monday Minute answers?
Never.  I've never played Monday Minute, so I haven't had a chance to lie. And I don't lie on my blog, I tease, but it's always clear, I think.

2 - What is on your bedside table?
A very weird collection of things.  A lamp.  A great alarm clock radio that allows you to set TWO alarms so you can have the one you always wake up to and then when you have to get up at 4am to go skiing, you can set it for 4am and not ruin the one you usually use.  But it has such a bright led, even on lo that I must blindfold it with a sheer blue thing so I can still see but it's not so bright.  This looks really funny in daylight.  I also have an LLBean catalog from the spring.  The Book Thief which we are reading in bookclub.  The 13th Tale which bookclub read last time but I didn't so now I am.  A pen.  Burt's bees lip stuff.  Dust.  A whole lot of dust.

3 -Would you rather lose your sight or hearing?
I am so not normal that I actually have this debate with myself on a regular basis.  I love to hear things, even when they get on my nerves.  I enjoy my eyesight but I feel like I've seen so much in this world that if I were to go blind, I could still imagine what something looks like.  Sounds are so unique that you can't just imagine what it sounds like.  Also, if you are deaf, people don't know by looking at you or how you are acting, so if there is danger, they might not know that they have to show you what is happening.  If you are blind, people can either see that your eyes are not correct, or you're walking with a cane, or guide dog, so they know if there is danger they have help you to know.  I really don't know.  I love to hear nature.  I love to see nature.  It's a debate I don't think I will ever win and God help me, I hope I never get to find out!

Now, if sense of smell was one of the choices, I assure that I would give that up if I had to give up one and had a choice!

4 -Would you rather give up all forms of sexual contact for a year or give up your DVR for three months?
Um, I don't have a DVR, never have, so I woudln't know the pain of having to give it up.

5 - Name one thing that you are proud that you've accomplished in life.
Oh brother.  Well, here's a recent thing and I dont' know that I had much to do with it, but I like to think I did.  I teach French.  One of my current French students is in France this week at a wedding for her former babysitter who is marrying a French man.  IN A CASTLE!  The former babysitter was a student of mine many moons ago.  And she's marrying a French man!!!  Very cool.

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  1. i once took a picture of my nightstand b/c of the weird combo of crap that was on it...i remember there was a wine glass, chocolate, camera, toilet paper, and a dirty diaper.

    oh, and dust too. lots.

  2. I just graduated from law school, but want to become a teacher so I'm taking my certification exam a week from today, so it was so neat to hear that story! I can't wait to have those kinds of experiences!

    I'll be the host of the Monday Minute from now on, so come on by, follow, and link up! : )

  3. Great answers. Can I borrow Raoul??


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