Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Just Can't Turn Off the Sounds

I usually have my teaching act together and maintain a level of composure that I should truly win Emmys, Oscars and Day Time Soap Awards for but sometimes, I have these highly professional moments such as this.
If you feel the need to send me some pencil sharpeners that actually work, I would more than welcome them and so would my students.   They can't keep witnessing breakdowns like this.

 "EVERYONE who is using a pencil sharpener PUT IT AWAY"   

The sound was making me nuts after like 10 minutes of it yesterday (that little ch ch ch sound of a hand sharpener because my regular one doesn't work right) but they couldn't stop. I tried ignoring, I'm really good at that, but 2 of them were like men obsessed.  They have to sharpen after every word, they think.  They weren't able to write because the pencils were in the sharpeners and they kept trying to sneak a turn (ch- I'd hear) and I finally had to stop what I was doing and say


So then one got up with his sharpener and went to the trash.  Not to empty it, to remove a piece of tape that was bothering him.  So he did that I'm pretending I'm listening but I'm so busy trying to remove this tape that though I am looking at you I really have no idea what's going on because THIS TAPE WON'T COME OFF.  Once again, I did the professional teacher thing and tried to ignore, made faces at him, and finally just had to stop and say 

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  NO, SIT DOWN and do this, we need to get it done.   

The funny thing is that these kids are in a class of 15 where last year it was a class of 30.  They don't quite realize that in a class this small, you can't get away with anything because I can see and hear you.  With 30, someone could be murdered on the other side of the room and who would know.  With 15, I hear every last CH.  But I do like them a whole lot better as 15 than 30.  This was the grade level that aged me 10 years last year.  Either they matured a lot over the summer or I got the better lot because I can at least stand them this year.  

Except for  that CH.  I swear k-ster's in there using one right now to get me going.


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