Friday, September 10, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Ok, so here we go with Feel Good Friday.  A big feat considering this was the first week of school and I had shoe issues, heat issues and just about every issue I could come up with because I really don't like to give up my summer routine.  But I found some funnies that might make you laugh.

 1.  I walked into the gym today, and this is what I saw in the locker room.  It's bamboo.  Randomly nailed to the wall.  I suppose it is meant to soothe in some universe way, but the irregularity of it in this universe is making me crazy.  And beside it was this:
If this isn't enough to make you chuckle, then maybe this will work:
That's right. You ARE seeing black stripes randomly painted directly on the wall, possibly looking oriental with bamboo pieces creating a "frame". I was in a hurry, taking pictures with my phone in the locker room (how creepy is that) so I was trying to look casual.  This makes for a slightly wiggly look, which isn't really making it look worse.  It kind of reflects what I feel like when I see it.  It makes me vibrate! Where is Martha when you need her??? She would never let such nonsense take place. WHAT is going on in my gym????

2.  It made me VERY happy when k-ster made supper last night, just like he said he would.  I taught a class at the gym that I don't normally teach and would have come home very ugly if I had also had to cook at 7pm.  He gets high points because he also cleaned up.

3.  It made me really happy when I discovered that my 7th and 8th grade classes are really good sizes.  I feel really good about them this year.  Don't ask me about 6th.  I wouldn't be able to see your hand raised through the masses of 30 per class anyway.

4.  We had great weather for the beach on Sunday with k-ster's family and the waves were great for boogie boarding.  Check here to see some pictures.  Not of the waves though, I kind of forgot to take those.  But you can click here to see waves from another day and they were pretty similar.

5.  I was pretty happy that after Hurricane Earl bypassed us, k-ster and a friend brought all of my plants back out of the shop.  I wanted to bring them in so they wouldn't be beaten by the rain and without my coaxing, they carried every one of them into the shop and then the next day every one of them out of the shop. I have a lot of outdoor plants as you can see here (tomatoes in pots) and here (although the lilies are in the ground) so i was pretty amazed that they made a million trips and didn't care.  It was like they were on a mission.  Pretty soon I'll have to bring in all of the summer plants to school so they can winter over.  That's a mission all on its own.

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  1. I love symmetry and that would drive me nuts too!!!

  2. Right, symmetry is what makes this world go, and to think that those who favor bamboo and all that hokey make-you-feel-better stuff like to make things asymmetrical. I think it's a conspiracy so we always feel off kilter!


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