Friday, September 24, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Wow, Feel Good Friday again.  Do you like thegirlnextdoorgrowsup's new button?  I think it's a little more sophisticated looking.  It's been interesting for me to do a weekly Feel Good Friday because it puts the week into perspective for me. I choose to always pick 5 things to highlight.  Sometimes, the 5 things just come to me immediately and sometimes it takes a lot of searching.  So, here we go.  I'll go in reverse order today.

5.  I always have to refer to the garden when I do a Feel Good Friday because it pleases me to no end when things continue to grow and produce.  Tomatoes are still coming in like crazy.  My beans are still growing, many are on round 2 or 3 and some are the new plants I've grown from seeds of round 1.  I love it!  The zinnias are maniacal out there and I keep forgetting to take a picture.  Now it's dark, so I've missed my chance again!!

4.  My friend j-ster and her baby j-ster stopped by one afternoon spontaneously and that was cool.  We have very busy schedules and though her baby goes to child care between my house and school, we never seem to run into each other because I usually ride or go to the gym after school.  Since I'm kind of caught up in my fitness, I thought I'd come home on Tuesday and we passed each other, so she came by. Baby j-ster is at a fun age.  He's just walking, saying a few words, and can be fascinated for hours by a piece of lint.  She's one of those rare, normal mothers who lets her kid bang his head when he crawls under the table because she believes he will figure it out and stop doing it.  She lets him play and doesn't interrupt every two seconds.  Ah if only every mother could let their children figure it out.  Isn't that what we did?  Didn't we figure out how to entertain ourselves and stop banging our heads?

3.  K-ster helped me rearrange the living room and though it isn't too different, it's different enough and it looks a little cleaner.

2.  I made another sale on my esty and that's really a good thing!

1.  And the number one thing that made me feel good today was my visit to the doctor for my physical and my blood pressure was 110/64.  Interesting, because when I got there, the nurse got 126/80.  I've had some interesting blood pressure readings in the past few years, considering how fit and healthy I am and the fact that I don't do mean things to my body.  The lack of reason for the sometimes elevated blood pressure makes it elevate because I perseverate and it's an ugly circle.  I've made some choices to SLOW DOWN in the past year, and it's been better.  So, no bandying about with the idea of a low beta blocker for me.  The past 2 physicals have been good, so I'm pleased.  Except that now she wants me to visit the boobologist since I am at the age when it's good to get a baseline now.  Sigh.  More on that when it comes.

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  1. Good for you, managing your health by your lifestyle.
    I do think things happen to us that are our bodies telling us to slow down or whatever it is that we need.
    Bless you.

  2. That is a super BP reading! I am always high at the beginning of the visit and then it lowers. I have white coat syndrome!

    Thanks for the compliment on my button. It was time for an update.


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