Monday, September 13, 2010

Ummm, What Was I Saying? Oh Yeah, I Forgot You Were An ASS

Well, where should I start?  Ok, as an advisor with lia sophia jewelry, I am often called upon to give donations to raffles and fundraisers.  I actually don't mind because usually people don't use the gift certificates I donate, so it makes money for the organization and no one uses it, so it doesn't cost me anything, and everyone is happy.  Sometimes, people do use them, so I always put it's $25 off your purchase of $50 or something along those lines.  Otherwise, I have found that some cheap pricks thrifty ladies will find one thing for $25 or less and not spend a dime more and I'm screwed.  No one has ever complained (unless that's why they dont' use them, and then oh well).

So, last year, I donated to the local Alzheimer's whatever it was they were having(I truly forget) but it was some big fundraiser bash.  I dont' recall what I gave, but it was likely a gift certificate like the aforementioned.  Or maybe it was an actual piece of jewelry, I forget.   So this year, they sent me a request for another donation since I was so generous last year.  And I could include something for display if I wanted.  So I made out a gift card, included some mini catalogs and business cards and mailed it for like $2.

I received this: 
I wanted to send a thank you for your generous donation of a Lia Sophia Jewelry discount of $25.  I was wondering if you would happen to have an item of jewelry from Lia Sophia that you would rather gift to the Reds, Whites & Blues Gala for auction.  We do not allow items in the auction that are for a discount and not the whole value of the item that they will be receiving the night of the auction.  I feel awful that we cannot use your discount and hope that you will still want to be a part of the auction.

Umm are you EFFING kidding me???????  I am generous enough to GIVE you something and YOU TURN IT DOWN??????  Because I put a caveat?  Hello, wouldn't you still benefit from this?  Wouldn't the people who bid on it know what they are getting into?  Wouldn't you write that on the bid sheet?  I've been to and done enough of these that there's no question how you word it so everyone is clear.  So, if they pay $15, let's say, they still save $10 and you make a friggin' $15 off of my donation which is $15 dollars you dont' have today.  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE??????  You ask for money and then refuse it when I hand it to you?

I am so furious I can't even respond to that.  I am certain I will not be giving them anything today or in the future.  And she hasn't even mailed it back to me. She says she feels terrible and I am sure she does because she is the secretary.  I'm sure it's not her decision.   And what makes me really mad is that the only way she knew that the $25 off of $50 was worded is because someone had to open the envelope that was meant to go to the winner.  I dont' want someone getting an envelope that was already opened.  It's sealed for a reason.

OH. I . AM. SO. MAD.


  1. Wow, I'm usually head over heels for a discount. Is that a hard fast rule for auctions?

  2. Not any auction I've ever been to, or held or participated in. Whenever we have an auction at school, we take ANYTHING we can get our hands on. Must be nice to be able to be so choosy.


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