Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feel Good Friday, On a Saturday

I know, I know, it's Saturday night and I'm just getting around to posting my FGF. But I'm at a conference and the internet wasn't cooperating last night. And my feet fell right off because I walked them to death, so I couldn't go back to the lobby and post last night.

So, I headed out to the Big City yesterday morning, on the bus, and when I got here at 9:30, my room was actually ready.  I was amazed.  I figured I'd be dragging my clothes around with me at the conference all day.  That means I could have brought a better suitcase than the one that looks like a small purse that I cram everything into.  I'm getting good at that.  This has been an interesting conference, with some great highlights. 

In no particular order, here they are.

1.  I arrived at the Marriott not only to find my room ready, but cute.  That's right, a corner-type room with 2, that's right, TWO windows.  There's a king size bed and a chair that I love.  It's kind of small, but that's Ok because it's bright and clean.  And has a great view.
Yes, that's a city, with ugly building, but I see a river and whenever I get a view of the water, I think it's a pretty good view.  And it was a really crisp day, so it looked pretty.  Even k-ster said it was a nice view when he joined me today.

2.  There happens to be a hockey game tonight and since it happens right here in the Big City, I suggested that k-ster tell his brother that he wants to go to this game and then he can stay tonight with me.  His brother said that was a great idea and then forgot and sold his tickets.  But somehow managed to get some high faluting better seats, so k-ster is tickled.  And instead of driving home at 11, he can come back to the hotel.  And now I can attend the conference on Sunday, which I was not planning to do if I drove back and forth each day.  And it looks like there are 2 sessions I will go to tomorrow.

3.  For lunch yesterday, I was RAV-EN-OUS, and so was everyone else.  Rather than stand in line for hours and miss a session, I went to a session hungry but then didn't have to wait long when I got out.  The place is called Tossed and I assume it's some franchise.  But it looks bright and clean and had things I wanted. 
Yeah, like this salad. I know, I was kind of grossed out that fingers came with it, but the other assorted items in it made it the best things I could put in my mouth.  They put the equivalent of like 2 salads in it, complete with golden raisins, sunflower seeds and a lot of veggies.  I didn't even need dressing.  It was one of those half a sandwich and salad deals.  Pricey but quiet lovely.  So much, that I did it again tonight.  It didn't hit the spot quite as much tonight because I wasn't as starved, but it was enjoyable anyway.

4.  There was a cocktail reception for some travel company, one which I never intend to use, but it was free and it was at the top of a high building and it afforded views like these.

Bright lights, big city.  I'm such a country pumpkin.  I mean bumpkin.  There was some decent food there, and the main reason I went, some prizes being given away.  Sadly, I did not win a prize.  In fact, I did not win any prizes this weekend, though I was so certain yesterday that I was winning a Kindle, I actually went back to the booth to wait for them to draw the raffle.  They are very nice people and I going to put in a plug for them right here.It's an online language learning site and there's a free portion and a subscription portion.  What I saw of it was really cool and they explained that for free, you can get pretty far with it.  They have a lot of languages offered.  When I find the time, ha ha, I am going to do more with it.  They gave me a mug, ceramic since we all know the dangers of the old plastic cups and mugs, but it says not dishwasher safe, so how much safer is it????  Oh, but this is Feel Good Friday and the girl probably wouldn't like that I am griping, so I will move on. 

5.  This picture just makes me smile.  They have this ornament theme all around the conference center and hotels and the mall that's in it.  They have these gold ornaments everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling and they are kind of whimsical.  Christmas is coming and I love looking at things that make me think of Christmas.  There is something about being in the Big City during the holidays that makes me feel very festive.

Now go visit the girl and link up your own Feel Good Friday.  And come back to me tomorrow for a lesson on why foreign language teachers are just so damned queer!


  1. How ’ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm,
    After they’ve seen Paree?

  2. I feel like you brought us along with you. I love to see water views too and I love to travel light and stay in cute rooms.
    Have your best week ever.

  3. I think you had a terrific view! And your room looks great...I want to go to a conference too now!


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