Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greenhouse Baby Steps

If you've been following the GREENHOUSE SAGA, here is the latest installment.  What started as a fun idea and took forever for me to make a decision has turned into a thorn in my side. I am about ready to name the company I bought it from and say very bad things about them but I want the thing to at least be standing up before I totally slam them.

After the grave disappointment of not have all 10 ground posts the day we started, I was elated when the customer service lady told me that it would be no problem to ship the remaining 3 posts and the other thing we were missing.  She said they'd come UPS, free of charge.  I'm already worked up over the shipping charges since we had to go get some of it, but that's for another day.  I've been in touch with my buddy Kirk who doesnt' really seem to get how mad I am about the shipping and handling fees, and I'm going to keep telling him I am unsatsified and he'll keep ignoring me and someone will eventually give up.  It is not likely to be me.

However, k-ster decided today to put in the final 3 ground posts and then see what he could get done.  It's cold, but maybe it will go smoothly and be fun.  It's very sunny and warm if you have on enough dark clothes.  So, while I was out, he went to work.  Until only TWO of the 3 ground posts were in the box!!!!  It said 3 on the invoice, the lady's email said 3.  How hard is it to count????  So once again, we are stuck.  Yet another good weather day lost for this project.

After lots of sighing and saying mean things and me calling Kirk to leave a message about my fury, we decided we can at least set up the 5 rafters which frame the whole thing.  They can't stand up yet, but we played with one so we can see how it will look.  Then we assembled the 5 of them on the ground, so they are ready to go as soon as the damned ground post arrives.

They went together so quickly and smoothly that it really does give me hope that any idiot we can do this without incident.  It's one of those things that looks like it can go together really easily but then you get into the heart of it and you need to have a phD in engineering.  Hopefully this is not the case.  It kind of seems like the IKEA of the farm buildings world.

Speaking of farms, on the way to my sister a-ster's house, we passed much farmland and I can't tell you how many greenhouses and plastic tarped buidlings we saw.  This really seems to be the way of the building future. 

I have some fun tidbits from my Thanksgiving 4 day trip that I will share this week, so stay tuned.

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