Wednesday, December 1, 2010

After the Maid, Comes the Chauffeur

I have to say that I have a theory about the word origin of chauffeur.  In French, rechauffer means to warm something up.  Chauffeurs like to warm up the car for you.  Therefore, a chauffeur is one who warms up the car so he can drive you to your destination.  But if you look up the origin, this is not the case.

Any driver, my point is that I need one.  A driver, not a point.  It's not that I am a snob, and feel that I am too good to drive.   I just find myself in the car so often when I have a great idea, or need to do something, and I can't take my hands off the wheel to do it.  So many ideas, lost because I couldn't act on them because I had to drive myself from point A to point B.  And most of my drives do not involve traffic, so it's not like I can do these marvelous things while I am stuck in traffic and can actually take my eyes off the road.  I just find driving to be such a waste of time.  And since I'm going to waste my money on a maid whose only job is to make my sheets clean and crispy every day and make my bed with them fresh every morning, I figure it's time to splurge on a chauffeur.  Here are my choices:
I figure as long as she is in the car with me and I can keep my eye on her, it's no problem, right?

Then I looked at this guy:
But I don't think I want to be seen with someone leering like that every second.  I dont' feel that I would actually get to my destination in one piece.  Like he might like to serve me in pieces at his next meal.

So I guess I'll settle for this one:

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  1. I never found myself wanting a chauffeur. I do like it when I am with hubbby and he drives so I can crochet.
    A maid, yes. I want one so much it makes me think I should do more housework and pretend I have one. huh.


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