Friday, December 17, 2010

Feel Good Friday

It's Friday and I have some feel good moments to share.  When you're done, go see the girl and link up your own!

 1.  Hmm a feel good moment?  Is it because I became so nostalgic when I saw this floor from 1970 something?  No, it's because k-ster had his foot operated on and thought that's not a feel good moment, it felt better when he was back to normal the next day.  We are surgery virgins, so it's like the blind leading the blind around here.  He wasn't woozy, he just wasn't himself.  We've never been injured, broken anything or been under the knife, except for wisdom teeth, so it was a strange 24 hours.  Now he's up and running on his crutches wondering what happens when he goes to his follow up next week. 

2.  I missed two days of school, see above, and when I returned, nothing was amiss.  This was a shock.  I am never absent and on those occasions when I go to a workshop or something, I know way in advance and plan my life away.  As  French teacher, I know the likelihood of getting someone who can do something related to French is non existent, so I always leave things like videos that simply require pushing play.  I hadn't planned to take 2 days, so I only left plans for one, so  I had some scrambling to do that morning.

3.  My afghan that I've been  making on the Bernat Crochet Along is getting closer to being finished.  The squares are almost all put together, since I had lots of time (see #1 and #2) and now I have to do the edging.  I'll post a picture when it's finally all done.

4.  I finally found a cleanser/facial moisturizer that I think I like.  Such a small thing, but it really is difficult and I think we might have a winner.  It's Mary Kay.  But the funny part is that when I tried the sample, I didn't know that there were little microbeads in it..  When I looked down and there were little black things in it, I thought maybe I had some kind of gunk on my hands, so I washed it off and wasted it!  If you're in need of Mary Kay products, go see

5.  It's been a dull week.  I made rice krispies treats and they made me pretty happy.  Oh, I know another thing that made me happy.  I got 5 emails from a woman claiming she is from the network CMT (Country Music Television).  It seems that I might have typed the word REDNECK a few times on my blog and she noticed and thinks that perhaps I am a perfect candidate for a new show on CMT called My Redneck Reunion or something along those lines, produced by Tom Arnold.  I felt good because I know for a fact I am not such a redneck that I could even hold a candle to someone who really qualifies for that show.  But she was persistent.  And now she'll see that I've typed it again and ask me again and again. 

That's all I have to say.  It's been a weird week.  Go see the girl and see what other people did for fun!


  1. Hope your hubby gets well soon. Rice krispy treats are so yummy.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the afghan.

  2. You do have redneck relatives. I think that makes you qualified. And btw, I love Mary Kay's cleanser, too, but I use the Agewise one for us aged folk. And my rep is your rep. And, tell Kster that I hope he's up on 2 feet soon. For both your sakes! What the heck is a 'Crochet Along'? Don't you just use a hook? Maybe it's one of thos spools with four nails in it? Remember those? One more thing...I sent my blog buddy and Maggie's favorite cousin a little gift yesterday. You should get it soon. ;0)

  3. I just Googled Bernat Crochet-Along. I get it now. It's like a sing-along. I thought it was some fancy machine!


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