Friday, December 3, 2010

Feel Good Friday- Back in the Saddle!

Oh yeah, we are SO back! The Girl had the NERVE to take off last Friday and I just haven't been right all week, not giving my top 5 feel good moments last week. Ok, I might not have had time anyway but.... Here's my first feel good moment of the week, followed by 4 other things, in no particular order.

1. I'm supposed to do this in the first paragraph, but my paragraphs are small, so I hope this still counts. I was contacted by CSN stores to promote them on my blog and get something in exchange!! Isn't this one of the secret reasons we all blog???? Getting free stuff? Getting to give MY OPINION about something for all to see??? You mean my word might be good enough for people to read and believe???  Oh stop, you're making me blush....So, I checked them out, and they have so many stores online, I was amazed. I wasn't even sure where to begin. Then I headed to the kitchen,  because I am so practical. They have everything you can imagine, from small appliances to dinnerware, to inexpensive gadgets, to counter height stools.  And that's just in the kitchen!  Oh, if only I had a bar where I could use these stools! Putting a bar in my kitchen now would be great fun, if we were trying to add just one more obstacle in the already small kitchen we have.  But I do love bars/islands/counters in the kitchen instead of a table. Some day we'll blow out the kitchen and have one to die for and I'll have an island big enough for guests to sleep on. But that's for another feel good friday.  Anyfreebie, I'm in the process of choosing what I want on the CSN website to review, so stay tuned and see what tickles my fancy!  Given my propensity for finding underwear that just doesn't work for me, maybe I'll see if they have any panties I can get into a bunch.

2.  So, at some point, I really am going to do a post about the Thanksgiving extravaganza, but in the meantime, I'll say that it was a pleasant drive to and from my sister a-ster's house.  K-ster and I didn't kill each other.  We didn't even come close.  We ran into traffic both ways, though we went out one way and came back the other.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so we'll have to think about what we want to do next time.  Less time but more tolls, or more time and only one, cheap toll?  Being so thrifty, that's a big question for me to wrestle with.  I plan to give the train a whirl if I go by myself next time, but with 2 people, it's really cheaper to drive.

3.  I saw an owl in nature for the first time this week!  I've seen them in zoos and on tv and in books, but never in real life.  Pretty sad since I didn't grow up in a city, this is prime nature territory here!  This was the coolest thing. It was dusk and I was cooling out Tucker in the woods and there was a big bird right over us and it was making this really cool whoosh sound, barely audible.  I figured Tuck would go berserk but he didn't, so I slowed him down and the owl perched on a tree just over my head.  I was looking around, thinking:  this is when he's going to just bolt and I'll lose my balance and break my head just because I was so busy looking at an owl.  I decided we had to keep going, so we went off, hoping that maybe on the way back, like 10 minutes, it would still be there and I'd get to look right at its face, but no such luck.  It was just the coolest feeling:  out on a horse, just after dusk, an owl overhead.  It was almost creepy but I try not to creep myself out when I'm on a large animal in the woods!

4.  All of my students who are doing a penpal exchange with a teacher in France actually got their holiday cards and letters to me on time so I can mail them this weekend.  This may sound like small potatoes, but unless you deal with the mentality of today's 11-14 year old, you have NO CLUE how difficult it is to get anything back from them on time!  Now our French friends will be so pleased!

5.  The woman who won my lia sophia holiday jewelry basket is someone I actually have known for a while and I'm glad.  It's always nice to know that someone who will appreciate the jewelry actually wins it.  And she told me she will regift those pieces she didn't like, so I'm glad they won't just sit in her jewelry box doing nothing because she doesn't like them.  I'm all over regifting!

So that's it for these 2 weeks.  Check back to see what this free product thing from CSN stores is really all about!  And I swear a review of the Thanksgiving hits will be coming soon!

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  1. Congrats on your CSN deal. I am happy for you and your winner.
    Owl's are cool. I've only seen them at nature center's.
    Once I saw a pileated woodpecker irl. He was like a little dwarf - so huge for a bird.


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