Monday, December 20, 2010

Let It Snow, But Not When It's Inconvenient

Even teachers get excited about snow days.  We really do.  We even get excited about 2 hour delays.  Something about not having to put in a full day at school is just marvelous.  I used to love to sleep in, but with the phone ringing at 5:30 to tell me there's no school or a delay, it's not possible.  But it's fun.

Until you don't get the call.  And it's still snowing.  And you don't have a garage so you have to scrape your car.  And you really still have to go to school.  And your back yard looks like this.

Ok, maybe that's too dramatic.  That's a picture I took of Montmorency Falls in Quebec, the first year we took kids to Quebec.  We quickly learned that snow and field trips cause me too much anxiety, so we moved it to warmer times.  But this is a ridiculously spectacular picture.  Oh wait, I don't know if I really took that picture.  Oh crap, I really can't remember if that's my own picture or one I stole.  Ahh the danger of the internet.  It's pretty, anyway.

But I digress.  So, when I got out of bed, this is what the back yard looked like.  Yes, the very same yard where we have a fantabulous patio and spend countless hours in the summer.  With the fire pit that looks like a snow cone.   And sadly, we still have school.

But I agree, snow is pretty.  As much as it is an inconvenience, it is pretty.  And this is a wet, heavy snow, so it's really pretty because it clings to everything.  I like this picture below because I like the blue effect.  The sun hadn't really come up yet, so it looked like this.  And there was no 2 hour delay.

Not sure why the camera likes to make the scene blue.  I'm sure it's all about light and the snow and all that.  But it's intriguing to me, anyway.

And this is what my slimy commute looks like.  All 10 minutes of it.  But it does not inspire a desire to drive far. 

And, here's the greenhouse.  I think the camera making things literally green is a little too much, but it's my phone, so what can I do.  And that's how the greenhouse will look until k-ster is up and running again.  But, we got the posts in the ground before it froze, so that's a good thing.  Otherwise I would really have to wait a long time.  Now it's just the plastic that has to go on, but it's tricky.

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