Friday, December 10, 2010

Feel Good Friday

We're at it again! Go link up with the girl and do your own Feel Good Friday!

5.  I know it's completely ridiculous, but the zipper on my very old Eddie Bauer jacket, that no one can seem to make another of, fell off yesterday and I almost cried.  Because the head of the zipper sheared itself right off, so I had nothing to attach the pull to.  But, k-ster and I are too slick for failure, so I got a paperclip and he figured out how to reattach it.  See that fancy gold?  That's my styling new fangled zipper!  I'm so rich, I buy gold paperclips!  If someone would just make winter parkas like they did 10 years ago, this would not have been the near tragedy that it was yesterday morning.  Phew.

4.  I laughed so hard at the laundress over at laundry hurts my feelings and it felt so damned good.  One of those hysterical belly laughs that makes tears come and your nose hurts.  Go read yesterday's post to get the link and laugh your own butt off.  Imagine if we could have one of those real hysterical laughs every day?  I guess it would old after a while.  I laugh, I snicker, I smile, but I rarely get one of those guffaw's going.  She did it to me.

3.  We had our school concert yesterday morning which means that the period before the concert, all musicians report to the music room.  That left me with 4 boys who are not musically inclined, and to tell the truth, not French inclined either.  So, I dragged out my European Monopoly board, the one I bought in Belgium and dragged all the way back here, and made them count in French and tell me in French that they would like whichever property.  It was truly the best thing I could have done for them.  I thought they might tell me it was queer and give me grief, but these 4 seventh grade boys just ATE.IT.UP.  They thought it was so cool.  They all counted together each time someone moved.  I just about split my head open from the boredom, but they were highly entertained.  So that was nice.  And the kid who couldn't count at 8:40 seemed to have a pretty firm grasp on 1-12 by 9:20.

2.  Holy CRAP I just realized that we did work on the greenhouse and I didn't post the picture!!! Well that was certainly a feel good moment on Sunday.  We have the frame all up and all of the supports. K-ster wasted no time marking his territory.  Now it's the scary part of putting on the polycarbonate ends and the sides and then the top.  Hopefully tomorrow will be perfect weather so this is all ready before k-ster goes under the knife on Tuesday. Otherwise it will be February before this is finished.  Not sure what my greenhouse reference is all about?  Read all the details here.

1.  I didn't feel good when I was riding Tucker yesterday becasue he was being ridiculous and seemed glued to his water station.  Sucking it down like there was no tomorrow.  I was annoyed, and limited on time, so I kept spanking and kicking him and trying to veer him away whenever we went by it.  I do feel bad when I spank or kick him because I just want him to do what I'm asking.   Some days, he's just such a teenager.  He cooperated on and off but was really ridiculous when he'd see the waterer and try everything to get there.  As soon as I ended the lesson, he went right back and sucked down more water.  I felt really good when r-ster went in to find that none of the horses had water because their self waterers were not working!  I didn't feel good that they had no water, but I felt good knowing that the reason he was being such a brat was because he was dying of thirst, not because he was a brat.  I felt really good that she discovered that before they all died because they had no water!  And that she wasn't alone when she discovered it or she would have had a hard time closing up the barn.  Normally the paddock doors stay open and they get to go outside if they want.  They wear blankets.  And the self waterers have a heater somewhere the keeps the pipe from freezing.  But with the pipe frozen (did I mention it was 14 degrees this morning?) they had to have water in buckets.  We shut up the barn hoping that the buckets would not freeze because maybe 5 beasts in a closed barn would keep it toasty.

That's all the Feel Good I've got, now go see the girl!


  1. First I have to say spent way too much time reading the posts before this one and laughing at the antics you describe with the unfortunate cat incidents among others! Last time I was here think you guys were "planning" the green house, now it is becoming a reality... Here is hoping it does get finished prior to surgery and hope the surgery and recovery go well...

    And as far as the jacket yay you can now wear your fave and it still can be zipped closed, kudos for ingenuity!
    (In reading your profile have to say this-I am from Texas so of course I am a redneck horse lover and all around TomBoy myself so a kindred spirit...)

    Thanks for stopping by earlier on my FGF post and glad you did because now I have somewhere to cheer me up!

    jackie >_<

  2. Happy Friday. I love the monopoly idea. I need something like that to learn kanji.

  3. Once again, you are being too kind to me. Thank you so much for your generous, lovely words.

    And kudos to you for building a greenhouse. How awesome and inspiring!

    And counting in French while playing Monopoly is true genius. Anytime you can make anything into a game, it seems less laborious.

    Oh and to register on Google Alert, simply Google, Google Alert. I know, redundant. It's just a few simple steps and Google walks you right through it. I have one on my name and also an alert on Laundry Hurts My Feelings. It's a great way to keep your ears peeled, because sometimes people just say the kindest things!


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