Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Day of Christmas

In case you've missed my little tribute to Christmas, click here and here to learn more.  Today's post is brought to you by WHAT YOU GET THE PERSON WHO JUST PUT UP A GREENHOUSE.

So, what do you get the girl who wants a greenhouse and is in the process of getting one put up?  Plants, of course!  I'm really excited about the lavender because I never have success with it and I'm determined this time to make it work because it's from seed.  So wherever I start  it, I will keep it and maybe it will grow.  I have a very sad plant from Trader Joe's that gets by but isn't thrilled with me at all.  I'd like to have a happy lavender plant.  And the amaryllis wasn't really a present.  I gave one to each of my sisters and something about it made my mother crack up and then she said she had one in the car if I wanted it.  I do.  I will start it soon. 

Tune in tomorrow for gift #4 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MOM GOES TO AMISH LAND.

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