Monday, December 27, 2010

11 Days of Christmas

Welcome back for day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas.  If you aren't in the loop, click here to see yesterday's post. Today's gift is THE NO-BRAINER GIFT I KNEW I'D GET, AND THEN SOME, AND THEN SOME MORE.  I know.  You're expecting underwear, because I've been having so many issues with them and everyone gets underwear in their stockings, right?  My mother has always given us underwear, much to my father's dismay.  Especially the year that thongs came on the scene and she bought them for one of my sisters.  Due to my inability to keep my underwear intact these days, I was hoping my mother would supply me with a few in my stocking, as always.  And that they would fit.  And most importantly that they will not rip or fall off my body any time soon.  And she obliged.  3 pair of Steves or St. Eves if you prefer.
Oh wait, does that look like more than 3 pair?  More than what would fit in a stocking?  That would be because a-ster got in on the act and supplied me with 12 more pair!  That's right!!!!  Can you see all of the pink?  And the white?  LOVE THEM.  6 don't have a brand but I suspect they might be my good old buddy Rene Rafe, from the old days.  The gray and black and white kind are the Rene Rafes that I bought the last time I bought them and was so highly disappointed.  This set is equally bizarre because every pair is structurally different.

This is how a-ster wrapped them.  I wanted new jars to store flour, sugar, etc and when I was at her house in November, she had these jars that I really liked.  They are glass jars from IKEA and they have covers that make a nice seal.  No more plastic containers for me!  Each jar had something cool in it.  Underwear in a future flour jar was probably the most bizarre.


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