Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Clear For Take Off, Over and Out

Tomorrow's Feel Good Friday is going to be chock full of stuff, so be sure to come back.  Here's a preview.

K-ster went to the footologist yesterday and got fantastic news.

Magstopher managed to find me something that I, the queen of finding ANYTHING on the internet, could not find this summer!

I got a package.

That's all I can give you for now.

It's still snowing,.  I can't even call it that.  I call it precipitating because it's not worthy of being called snow OR rain because it can't make up its mind.  Not amounting to much but a big annoyance.  I don't love always having to think about my footwear when I leave the house, which then affects my wardrobe choice. 

Ahh the beauty of snow.  Right?  This is when I don't love it.  When it's a nuisance.  And everything is just gray and dirty.

But today is the last day of school and I must traditionally wear this crazy vest my mother got me years ago.  What other day, besides the last day you see people before Christmas, could anyone get away with wearing something like this?
The back is white plaid, all the way across.  No two plaid combos there.  Oooh you can see a little of my tree in the background.  And yes, this may be a little blurry, but you get the idea.

My mother is probably saying "I gave you that?"  Yes, it was the late 90s, everyone was wearing vests.  This was cute for the holidays and since that's the only time I wear it, it will never wear out.  And when vests come back, and I am sure they will soon, I'll be all ready. 

Now I'm off to school where I shall be showered with many gifts valued at over $50.  The lastest, most excellent twist, was the edict we received from our principal on Tuesday.  If we receive a gift that we believe is valued over $50, we are to write a statement to the end and give it to her to have her send it to central office to put in our files so that when the ethics committee comes to investigate (and according to this principal, if there is a committee that threatens to investigate something, it will truly happen, so you must ruin life worrying) we will be all set.  Again, I ask you.  Where the hell are these kids who are giving out $50+ gifts??????  I did receive one the other day and I am waiting until I get home to open it, lest the spies see that it's a big fat $100 bill.  Fat Chance! Someone got a cute gift from a kid, probably cost $20 at the most, and he's worried that he should write about it and put it in his file.  PU-LEASE.  And I'm still so shocked that the newspaper hasn't had their field day with this.  I've got my money on getting those tickets that were $40 the day they bought them but have a value of $500 the day I go to see the show.  Can't. Wait.

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