Wednesday, December 29, 2010

9 Days of Christmas

Here we are with gift #4 in the 12 Days of Christmas. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click here, here and here.  I call this one WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MOM GOES TO AMISH LAND. My mother went on a trip to Pennsylvania with her quilting group this fall.  They visited lots of Amish people and each night, they ate with a different Amish family.  My mother was intrigued with the ways that they get around using modern amenities but are allowed to use gas to light and power their homes.  She enjoyed visiting them and their quilt shops. 

Of course, when visiting the Amish, you must by Amish made goods.  So, for Christmas, my sisters and I got some goodies from the land of the Amish.  The box is a mix for soft pretzels.  Yumm!!!  There is a jar of pumpkin butter and a jar of apple butter.  The mystery is the bottle of vanilla.  Where in Pennsylvania do they grow vanilla trees?  Hmmm.  I think that's a little strange.  I need to know how they got the vanilla beans to make it.


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  1. Oh how I miss living near an Amish community. In Illinois, there was one close by where we could stock up on all the delightful Amish goodies. Their toffee is to die for! I don't know how they get the vanilla either, but I guarantee you that's some delicious vanilla.


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