Friday, November 12, 2010

Feel Good Friday

And here we go again! Thank you to thegirlnextdoorgrowsup for hosting Feel Good Friday!

1. My friend j-ster and her husband and their son came for supper on Wednesday. I don't do that a lot, so it was fun. Baby j-ster is just over a year, the time when I start to like babies, and he's very funny. Running around like crazy. Easily entertained by a piece of lint. At one point during supper, I looked over and he was fawning all over me and then gave me the most bizarre smile like he was flirting. It was pretty funny.

2. My greenhouse arrived and we picked up part of it yesterday. The rest was delivered today. Now to assemble it. Wow. It might just be ready by about...June.

3. Due to the visit from j-ster, my house is fairly clean and I like that. I love a clean house. I just don't love finding the time to bother. It's nice to be able to sit on surfaces meant for sitting, instead of moving things off of them to be able to sit down.

4. I FINALLY got my birthday cake. I'm not a cake fan, especially when they are store bought. But there is a Devil's Food Chocolate Cake(I capitalized all of the words because they deserve it- it's THAT good) recipe in my good old, handy, Better Home and Gardens cookbook. No fancipants need apply. A few years ago, k-ster decided to make it. O.M.G. no, better. O.M.F.G. I dont' know what he puts in it. But I might sell my soul for some. And then the homemade frosting? I'm almost unable to speak as I fondly recall the deliciousness. Somehow, we never had any cake for my birthday this year. So I told him it was his job to make it for supper the other night. He did not fail. Wow. It is just sooooooo damned good.

5. And it's been a while since Tucker has made it onto a FGF post, but I rode yesterday and he was great. Or maybe I'm getting more great so the rides are great. I thought he'd be awful because it's been raining all week and he was only ridden once. Nope, he was a gem. Check out the Just Horsing Around page and see my new pictures I've put up.

So that's it. Now go visit the girl and link up your own Feel Good Friday!


  1. Sounds like an awesome week. I love babies when they're about one as well. Curious enough to check stuff out, not curious enough to put the fork in light socket yet.

  2. GREAT WEEK and now I WANT SOME CAKE!!!!!


  3. When you said that he smiled at you like he was flirting, I totally thought you were going to say farting.

    Sigh. I am all about the farts this week via my dogs.

    Psst. *whispering* I added you to my BR, and google followed, are you on twitter?

  4. Yum home made chocolate cake oh wow I am drooling. I love a clean house too. You would think I would clean more.
    Happy FGF


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