Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greenhouse Bonanza Part 1

Well, it's here. The greenhouse has arrived. In two parts, though. First, we had to go pick up a part of the shipment because no one would be here to get it. And 2nd, k-ster had to go to work an hour late so he would be here when the 2nd part arrived because it was too big to go in the truck. While I'd like to call my rep and start yelling about shipping, he's conveniently on vacation for a week. Anyway. Here's what we have.

This will become the back side.  All corrugated polycarbonate.  I'm worried that the damaged box may be a bad sign.
And this is all of the "stuff" like the drop down sides and the turning mechanism, the many bolts and things and the air blower that keeps the top inflated.
And all of the tubes and posts.  It really is just a big lego set. Any idiot can do it, right?

So, this is the before picture.  This used to be where the chicken house sat.  Until it blew down a few years ago.  You can see the clothesline.  I love to hang out my clothes.  Now I will have to find somewhere new.  Sigh.  But I'll have a greenhouse!  I think I might hang clothes in there this winter.  k-ster doesn't know that yet.
Had to cut down a tree, but I'm OK with that.  It was diseased anyway.  Thank goodness we have  John Deere or this would not be able to happen.  They tell you any idiot person can do this, but really, if you don't have a machine of some sort, you will be screwed.  Even in the directions, they show guys using a people lift and forklift to put it up.
So, k-ster had to level it out a bit.  And now it's level, but the drop off seems to be greater.  Now, see those wooden stakes there?  Marking out the layout?  They are marking a 12 x 14 greenhouse. But GUESS WHAT???? It's not a 12 x 14 greenhouse.  It's 14 x 16!  Oh am I in trouble for that.  I got it in my head that it was 12 x 14 and that's what I've been saying.  After spending a long time getting it square, we were looking at something in the directions and I said "Hmm, why does it say 14 x 16?"  Uh oh.  So, k-ster has gone off to get a grading rake and I'll have to help him move the stakes to get it right.  I kept saying I thought there must be some formula for getting it square, but he kept fiddling with the stakes.  There is a formula.  It's good old geometry.  But the numbers weren't working conveniently for 12 x 14.  They will work beautifully for 14 x 16 though.  D-U-H.  And I have a masters in reading. And he loves instances like this when he can say "I can't believe you have the master in reading and you can't read!"  And then I say things like "I can't believe you built houses and laid patios and dont' know how the formula for making things square."  Ahh tit for tat. 

It is truly a perfect day to tackle this mess.  But he's gone off to get a rake and I'm riding soon because time for riding is rare now that we live in the artic with dark at noon, so I don't know what progress we will make today.  I hope tomorrow is just as perfect.  There's nothing worse than trying to put up a greenhouse when it's cold and windy.  Not that I've ever done it, I just know that warm and nice is far better for attitudes!


  1. I'm happy for you to have your green house. I do that too, get something in my mind and find out later it was wrong. XD

  2. Having the greenhouse arrive in a crushed, damaged box was definitely a sign!! I wish you the best getting it complete for the spring.
    Linda G.


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