Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Terrbile, Cold Death

Well, I knew it would happen.  I saw the signs but chose to ignore them.  I kept thinking maybe this time, it would last longer.  But then, 2 nights ago, it happened.  The evidence was everywhere the next morning. I could see it.  I could smell it.  Most of all, I could feel it.  There was no escaping it.  This was what waited for me yesterday morning.
Summer died 2 nights ago.  A rotten, frigid death.  It's November, so I have no reason to be sad.  I enjoyed far too much of the warm weather, even getting into the 70s last week.  But Mr. Frost came and decorated EVERYTHING overnight, to the point that I had to take a picture because it just looks so fake.  Every leaf was outlined just so.  Every surface had a layer of frost.  The grass was crunchy.

But I'm greedy.  I like it warm but not hot.  I like wearing what I want and not being hot. I like not needing the heat on in the house or at school.   I like running out to The General to get something and not freezing.  I like walking out to get the paper and not seeing my breath.  I like wearing just a top, no jacket, hat or gloves.  I like that my green beans grew right until November this year.

And then to just be a real bitch, Mother Nature made it 50 degrees all day yesterday and all night.  It's 50 right now.  All the green peppers froze and most are inedible ( I KNOW, I am not supposed to have green peppers growing so late in the fall, but they were doing so well!) So, she just tantalized us with frigid air for one night, ruined it all.  But we're all scared.  We are all dressing like it's the arctic.  The heat is on everywhere.  

And I must suffer in this cocoon of too-high-heat and too-warm-clothes, never finding a happy medium until May.  I choose to live in New England, so I have no reason to fuss.  I do love to see the snow and a good snow day is a whole lot of fun.  But all of the cold leading up to it, the dreary days, the wet mud coming into the house is not a whole lot of fun.

As for Daylight Savings, while I hate that I will have to turn on my lights at 5pm next week, I am sure tired of getting up in the dark, so it will be a relief.  I read the other day that sun isn't up until 7:11 and I thought that was crazy but it's really true.  So after Sunday, I'll get up in daylight, but can't ride after 4pm.  That's the biggest tragedy of them all!  This school thing really cuts into my riding time when winter comes!

What do you to do combat the winter blahs? 

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