Monday, November 1, 2010

Buttons and Bows and a Fab Contest

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  I'm going to have a contest.  I'm very excited about it and you will be too.  But I want a button that people can grab.  I understand the need for the code to be there.  I understand how to go grab other people's buttons.  I understand how to go to flickr and get the code to put so someone can see a picture.  But I can't seem to understand how to create my own button, with its own code, to put on my blog.  I've asked around and did some googling and I've been directed to photobucket, photoshop and someone who would make one for me for a fee.

Because I am thrifty, I promised myself and my wallet that blogging would not cost me any money.  So I really want to do it myself.  But on my handy laptop that I won, I don't have photoshop.  I went to photobucket and don't see that it's too different from flickr so I think I must be able to do it on flickr, where I already have an account.

My question for those who are so much smarter than I am, is how do I create a cool button that doesn't have a photograph on it?  I don't want a picture, I want a fun icon, or maybe just text for this first one.   Photobucket seems to think I want to put a photograph on it.  Photoshop would cost money as would a person who can make me one.  I found some tutorials online but I must be defective or just really impatient.

So, if you want to find out what this contest is about, we have to find me a way to make a fun button for free!  Steer me in the right direction, people!!

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  1. I'm really lame at this. I created my own logo by taking pictures of letters that spelled out The Junk Drawer. But then I gave all the pictures to a colleague, who knew how to do the layout and resize the pics. I typically use the 125x125 size when I'm using it to advertise somewhere. I can help you later with how to render it on your blog once you have it.

    Maybe someone smarter than me can help with creating a logo for you. Like I said, I'm totally lame at it.


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